Sunday, 12 May 2013

Proof Organ Donation Changes Lives

The news on Anna is that she's sitting up talking and eating and demanding satsumas and jelly babies. Well if you can't be demanding and have your favourite foods less than forty eight hours after a heart/lung transplant I don't know when you can. My demands will probably be ginger beer, tangtastics and strawberries, anyone planning on visiting me please take note. Anne's brother, who is providing the updates, also remarked on her lovely pink, warm hands, it seems her new organs are working really well and no longer deprived of oxygen everything else is improving too.

Seriously though it is encouraging to hear how quickly Anne is progressing and makes the whole thing sound far less scary for those of us still waiting.

Anne got her miracle because of someone's generosity. Please look at these statistics and if they bother you, or even if they don't, please sign up so others like myself and Anne have a chance. The link for the donor list is on the right hand sidebar under links. And please, if you do sign up make sure your wishes are carried out by telling your families exactly what you want to do. Too often the patient's wishes are overruled by relatives who had no idea he or she wanted to save others. You will be saving your relatives a lot of heartache too as often after the first knee jerk reaction they wish they had said yes.

Today, after a night of heavy rain and thunderstorms both the weather and myself have improved somewhat.

I can't say I'm bouncing around a picture of fitness and energy but I'm definitely feeling better so alls good on that front. I haven't decided whether to go into work tomorrow, I will decide later this evening. Yes I know, I'm an idiot but I can't help it. I have a strong work ethic that I just can't shake. sometimes I think the only thing that'll save me is a large win on the lottery and even then I'd probably do something. I'm not one for lounging around which is why I make such a bad hospital patient.

Laurence's visit went really smoothly and despite some mild teasing I didn't need to bring out my whistle. Of course I keep forgetting they are both adults now and things that would have caused an almighty row ten years ago are taken as good humoured banter.

After Laurence left, Andrew went out with some mates to celebrate the end of exams. I don't know when he got in because I was asleep but I know it was gone midnight. This morning he is nursing the hangover from hell and looks as rough as he feels. I can't complain though, the last time I saw him like this was after his A levels so one blowout per year is more than acceptable.

Today is going to be a 'in front of the TV and relax' sort of day. I'm making a simple lunch which we will eat on our knees while watching the Spanish Grand Prix. Then I'll iron my uniform, just in case, while watching a recording of last night's Casualty and I'll top the day off with a film or two. Perfect.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

Well a lot less of David and Simon this week and a lot fewer really bad acts too. This is not a good thing, it is the the awesomely bad acts that make the programme interesting so last night was a bit of a let down.

Best act of the night? Well this week I'm torn between the impressionist and the mad granny.

The impressions weren't actually that good but the bloke himself was one of those naturally funny people who can make you howl with laughter with single gesture. Thin, in an ill fitted jacket and with eyes the size and colour of Minstrals chocolates he hopped up and down in a fit of nervous energy to the point that one of the judges had to ask if he needed to go to the toilet. He didn't, he was just 'really, really nervous', hop, hop, giggle. The audience were in fits and he hadn't even started his act yet. I can easily see him having a great career but as a stand up, not an impressionist.

The mad granny was in her seventies but wore bright red lipstick and punk rocker clothing. You knew this was either going to be a complete car crash or we were in for another Susan Boyle moment. She launched into a song call 'Kiss My Arse' with a wild scream and the audience loved her as did the judges. I don't think she's going to win but she's going to give it a damn good go and why not.

The worst act was undoubtedly the woman for mid Wales who couldn't get her tape recorder to work and then staggered around the stage wailing. Thus proving that it is a myth that everyone in Wales is musical.

Most irritating act was the ubiquitous dance group this time featuring kids clutching teddy bears and wearing pigtails and school uniform. They jumped about the stage to some very inappropriate music and were all gap toothed smiles. Unsurprisingly they were put through to the next round. Never underestimate the power of pigtails.

Well time for a cuppa and the papers before I start throwing lunch together. Next 'planned' blog, Wednesday.