Sunday, 19 May 2013


Friends have visited Anne and say she is looking really well, she has a sparkle about her with is really good to hear. I'd love to go and visit her but as I still have the remnants of a cold I think it is better to stay away. I don't want to be responsible for any set backs. If I'm feeling good next weekend we'll see.


We did nip out to the shops briefly yesterday. Peter has found a recipe for frozen yogurt that he fancies trying so we went to get some ingredients. They are all now sitting in the fridge waiting. I've decided that as this is her recipe I'm keeping well out of it.

Peter has gone out to a radio rally this morning. This is a sort of get together for electronics geeks. He is hoping to pick up some bits and pieces for his latest project. Normally I'd go with him just for the trip out but it is taking place in a field, so not somewhere I can use the trike, especially after all the rain we've had. There are no seats either and it is quite a long trek from the car park so I am better off where I am.

The Buddist Temple Hawaii

So I have a whole morning to amuse myself in. What to do? Well the weather is dry at the moment and it isn't that cold so I might try a bit of weeding in the herb garden. Or I might play safe and stay in and do some baking. That's the trouble. When you have an opportunity to get up to mischief you just can't think of anything. It is only ten and I'm bored already. Oh for a hot sunny day, at least sitting out on the decking with a good book and my music would pass the time in a more pleasant way than shivering on the settee trying to keep warm. Sometimes I despair of our climate.

After talking about holidays yesterday I have been torturing myself by looking back through our holiday pictures from years gone by. I've included a few on this post to share with you.

I'll admit it, I finally gave in and watched some of Eurovision last night, albeit with the remote in hand so I could turn the sound off every time Graham Norton piped up.

Lake Como

By far the best act of the whole night was the Hostess, her strange costumes, at one point she looked like a Dalek, and her Smörgåsbord segment. I fell about laughing as the number progressed and got weirder and weirder. Oh my goodness, that was the best workout my lungs have had for a very long time.

So what about the singing, well from the acts I saw the overall impression was one of disappointment. There was a glimmer of hope in Romania who threw everything at it apart from the kitchen sink and appeared to have dug Dracula up to perform. He clearly wasn't pleased and squealed away while rising towards the ceiling in an effort to escape. I could only conclude the harness he was wearing was in a very painful place. Still he was more entertaining than Hungary's student, who was all hat and big glasses. Clearly he had no intention of being recognised once the whole ghastly event was over and done.


My favourite act was the Greeks. They had obviously based their act on that of eighties group Madness and for some unknown reason wore out-sized football shorts. Their song was Alcohol Is Free, a statement anyone visiting Greece will tell you is patently untrue but at least they injected a bit of fun and humour into an otherwise dull evening.

So what of Bonnie? Well I have to say I was deeply disappointed. Where was the power? Where was the gravel? Where was the tune? I had expected a power ballad of epic proportions and was all ready to jump on Amazon this morning and order a copy. Unfortunately Bonnie's effort was more of a feeble warble than a lioness's roar and I knew we were doomed. Maybe the corset she was wearing in order to fit into, what looked like a leotard with some dishcloths attached to it, was laced too tight, who knows. However her efforts did garner more points than Englebert and we finished nineteenth so we're heading in the right direction.

A winsome hippy fairy from Denmark won with an song about Tears that had a very catchy tune. A worthy winner to be honest.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

This was the penultimate audition show and it wasn't exactly wonderful.

By far the worst act(s) were the animals. We had a donkey who managed to put a few wavery lines on a piece of paper with a paint brush. We had several dogs who did everything except what their owners claimed they could do. However by far the most unusual was a Raccoon who did very little. It did redeem itself though by climbing up it's owner's back and sitting on her head, thereby giving an excellent impression of a Davy Crockett hat.

Inside the Chrysler Building, New York

The best act was an singing group who were pitch perfect. They didn't need any sob stories, indeed they didn't even need music. They were just very, very good. Unfortunately we know that being very, very good is nothing if you haven't had a personal disaster somewhere in your past. We probably won't be seeing them in the finals, which is a real pity.

Well time to go off and do something exciting, I don't know what yet but I'm determined to look for something. Maybe a trawl through the cupboards to see if I can find some more holiday albums I can cry over.

On top of the Empire State, New York and yes I was petrified