Wednesday, 15 May 2013

T Rex Extinct Once More

The news from Anne is that she has been moved out of ICU and into a normal ward. Her progress is amazing but naturally she is awash with all different kinds of emotions at the moment. She is also able to post updates on Facebook herself now, which is a big relief for us all.

My week has been a little less successful.

I am very tired at the moment and my infection is still with me though better than it was. It has also been rather manic at work with a lot of people off either through leave or sickness, which of course doesn't help when you a feeling a little rough to start with. One more day though and I can relax and put my feet up. So looking forwards to doing so.

Yesterday after work I drove Andrew to the airport, Peter was held up at work so I had to play taxi. Andrew has finished his exams and has a two week wait before his placement starts so he's spending a week with his girlfriend. The rain was coming down in buckets and I couldn't believe this is mid May, I really wished I was going with him as apparently it is hot and sunny in Sofia.

I also fell out with my car a bit today.

I have my music on a usb stick and normally use the random function as I like to be surprised at what comes next. I'm also terrible at making decisions so if I had to choose an album for the journey I'd never get off the drive. Anyway this morning it decided it was going to play me a bit of T Rex, which is fine, not my favourite artist but obviously good enough as they are on the stick. Unfortunately it decided to play the same song over and over and even trying to skip tracks just landed me back there. No matter how much you love a song, hearing it over and over constantly does tend to wipe the shine of it a bit and I don't love Dandy on the Underground that much. I have now deleted the T Rex album. I may restore it at some point but only after a month or two at the very least.

Right time for a cuppa, feet up and the paper. Next blog Friday.