Sunday, 26 May 2013

Making It Up As I Go Along

No one can do comfort quite like a cat

News on Anne is that she is still in ICU but is awake and sitting up. No word yet on what actually happened or whether it has set her back at all but we are all breathing a sigh of relief that she appears to be OK.

I seem to have become a target for people trying to sell weight loss products. My inbox has been over flowing with invitations to join Weight Watchers or try this diet or that miracle pill. Considering my problems putting on and keeping on the pounds I'd find it all slightly amusing if it wasn't so bloody annoying. As quickly as I'm blocking senders more are popping up and I'm beginning to wonder whether something malicious is taking place. Fortunately the email address these things are being sent to is a throw away one, which I use on websites I'm not sure about, so if things continue past today I'll be ditching it and setting up a new one.

The weather, for once, is looking fairly promising and I'm hoping I'll get to sit out in the garden for a couple of hours with my book and take in the fresh air and a bit of sunshine. Even though it is bank holiday I'm working tomorrow so I'd better make the most of it today. Having said that all the weather forecasts says tomorrow is going to be horrible again so maybe I won't feel hard done by after all.

I am all excited as the new series of Horrible Histories is starting tomorrow.

Yes I know it is a kids show but there is plenty there for adults too. I got into it during a prolonged stay in hospital when I was having my line put in. I'd run out of films and soaps to watch and didn't feel like reading so I was trawling through YouTube and found one of their sketches. It made me howl with laughter so I quickly brought up BBC iplayer and watched about three series back to back. Now I can't get enough of them and record each new series then pre-order it when it's due to come out on DVD. Yes I really am a child at heart.

Smirnoff has been a pain extraodinaire these last couple of days.

Smirnoff doing a roly poly on the decking

He's taken to following my around the house, even into the toilet, if I close the door he scratches it until I come out. As I'm typing he is curled up on my desk, fast asleep and snoring. Both cats are now fifteen years old and to be honest Smirnoff is wearing better than Tarmac. Smirnoff is still quite muscular whilst Tarmac is thinner and a lot less lively. I am amazed at Tarmac. According to the vet last September he wasn't going to make it to Christmas but he's soldiering on and his health has actually improved as has his appetite. I'm keeping a firm eye on him for any signs of distress or pain but so far he seems fine. Especially when he's chasing Smirnoff around the bedroom because he's found him asleep in 'his' place. I'm talking about the bed of course, which is actually 'my' place but you know what cats are like.

This morning I decided to treat myself with a face pack and/or a facial massage and rub. It is very difficult to get anyone to do facials, massages or even waxing now I'm hooked up to my pump. They take one look and freak or they ask me to go and get a letter from my doctor stating which treatments I can have before touching me. Rather than put up with all the hassle I now do most things myself, with, it has to be said, varying results.

This is the life

So I ran a bath, dug out my bits and pieces and prepared for a treat. Only one problem, no face pack, I'd forgotten to get one and my face scrub had been left on the windowsill and had dried out. I thought about it for a minute and then headed down to the kitchen. Rifling through the cupboards I made a honey, banana and oatmeal mask and an olive oil and sea salt face mask. I had no idea what I was doing but remembered reading somewhere how to make your own treatments and knew honey and salt featured somewhere. I also had no idea if either would work but my goodness did they work! I gave my face a good massage with the olive oil and salt and wiped it all off with a hot flannel then plastered my face in the mask and relaxed for ten minutes. The result was astonishing, my skin felt really soft and smooth. It felt so good I might even ditch the expensive stuff and stick with it, it will be cheaper for a start and there is no risk of allergies as I eat all that stuff regularly. Result!

Britain's Got Talent Watch

Unfortunately it wasn't on last night due to football so is being shown tonight instead. It is the last week this week and each night acts will be voted for and whittled down so the best can fight it out next weekend.

Next blog Wednesday, right now I'm off to dig out the deck chairs and find a book I can get lost in. Only four days and I'm on holiday! Yay!!