Friday, 10 May 2013

Bottling It

Woke up this morning to the fantastic news that one of my PH buddies got the call at 0200. While this is really good news for Anne, and I'm filled with joy for her, I still can't help feeling just a little sad for me. This sadness isn't helped by the chest infection that seems to have appeared overnight, rats, rats, rats! As I write there is no news of how things with Anne have gone/are going so it is everything crossed for a good outcome.

I had a really bad day yesterday. I was exceptionally tired and really grumpy and I my usual placid patience deserted me on several occasions. I thought it was just tiredness but I woke up with my lungs on fire and a very productive cough. So back on the antibiotics I go and an appointment has been made with the GP for Monday if I'm not showing signs of improvement by then. I should have know something was up days ago but I think I was in denial as I always hope that I can't possible go down with infection number two (or three) so soon after recovering from number one. However I can and I do, with increasing regularity, so I really should learn to stop putting off the inevitable and just get on with what I have to do to get better.

I did manage to stagger around Tesco's this morning but I really shouldn't have so this afternoon it is going to be feet up, lots of hot drinks and an over enthusiastic student paramedic monitoring my vital signs.

I have three weeks to go before my two week holiday comes around and I'm already making plans.

I have found a lot of places other than London have blue plaques so we are going to visit a couple near us and see if we can find them. If the weather is really good while I'm off I want to visit Whipsnade as I've always wanted to take close ups of the ring tailed Lemurs and at Whipsnade you get really up close and personal. I'm told I'll be luck to escape without have my pockets rifles through, can't wait. There are also a couple of country house's with magnificent gardens just waiting for me and my camera. All I've got to do is be well and hope for nice weather.

The Apprentice Watch

Oh my word, what a shambles.

I have to say I'm becoming un-naturally fixated on Alex's eyebrows, No only are they the victims of extreme waxing by they just don't move leading me to suspect botox. Can he really be that vain? In a word, yes he can. However what really had me rolling around laughing was the (and I'm presuming here) camel haired coat worn just on the shoulders as modelled by Del Boy on Only Fools And Horses. This was the coat's first outing but I have horrible feeling it won't be it's last.

The second task was to invent a flavoured beer and then sell it and the team making the most profits wins.

Dim Tim ignored the golden rule of 'if you win keep your mouth shut' in programme one and so found himself moved across to the girls team to be their team leader. They decided to flavour their beer with Rhubard and caramel, eww, and then promptly ruined two barrels because fitness instructor Francesca couldn't use a calculator. Eventually they got their sums right and managed to get the remaining barrels mixed and bottled.

Meanwhile over on the boys team they decided their flavour was going to be chocolate orange eww, eww and thrice eww, and they quickly made the necessary calculations and were soon bottling. Team leader Kurt made the most weird decision so far by sending Zeeshaan, who doesn't drink for religious reasons, and Jason, who just doesn't drink to the manufacturing team. How were they going to taste what they were making to check it was OK? This created the first row of the day but things were about to get a lot, lot worse.

Day two was about selling and Jason, who it seems has never done anything apart from study, was teamed with Zeeshaan and eyebrow Alex, not a match made in heaven and things soon turned nasty. Poor Jason clearly did not have a clue about selling and kept putting his foot in it which lead to heated rows, often in front of potential customers,  and plenty of bad language. Zeeshann and Alex were throughly obnoxious but to be honest I could see their point, Jason however could not and winged about manners for most of the programme.

Despite all this the boys won and went off to Belgium to sample, yes you've guessed, beer.

Back in the boardroom and the girls fought like cats, and by that I mean there was plenty of spitting and hissing but no physical contact for fear a bit of someone might fall off. Rebecca got most of the blame for not choosing the correct locations but we could all see where this was going. Being the only man in the group Tim may as well have skipped the boardroom all together and gone straight for the taxi.

So fourteen left and still no clear winner emerging but I'm fairly certain Alex and his eyebrows are going to go far, mainly for his novelty value.

Well the settee is calling, will be back tomorrow with hopefully some good news about Anne.