Friday, 9 November 2012

Operation Doughnut

Well Peter took the 'must eat more' instruction to heart and came home on Wednesday with fifteen doughnuts, sigh!

So the news has more or less got to everyone now and the messages, texts, emails and phone calls have been overwhelming. I never knew I had so many friends. Thank you all so much. Yesterday reality hit and it was back to work, thankfully the day went quickly and I now have aching face muscles because I don't think I've ever smiled so much for so long. So now I have a whole weekend where I can celebrate properly, just not sure how yet.

So back to this eating business.

Well apart from the doughnuts I've come up with a few little ways I can try to up my food intake without overloading myself and being sick. I think the little and often approach is probably the best one as I still have trouble with big meals. The trick is going to be putting on the weight without causing more problems. So this is my plan. Swap my semi skimmed milk for full fat for my porridge, milkshakes and hot chocolate. Get some nuts and have a handful of them a couple of times a day and start taking my Complan again. Someone suggested getting some boiled sweets or lollies and sucking on them whenever I feel queasy, apparently it worked like a dream for her when she was pregnant. Well as I still have a bucket load from Halloween I'll give it a go, what harm can it do? I know it doesn't sound like much of a change but if I can keep it all down then I think I will be onto a winner. I've got to see a dietitian, who will probably rubbish all this but if I manage to gain a pound or two before my appointment at least it will prove I'm on the right track. My starting point is 47.2 kilos or approx 7 stones 3 pounds. By this time next week I'm hoping to be at least a kilo heavier.

So Obama is back in the White House and I missed the whole thing being stuck in hospital. I have to say I breathed a huge sigh of relief, Mitt Romney as President was just too terrifying to contemplate.

As for the other election, I still have no idea who the candidates are for the Police and Crime Commissioner in our area.

Talking about politicians no one can have escaped the latest furore concerning my own MP Noreen 'Mad Nad' Dorries (Conservative) and her up coming appearance on 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here'. Now let me say straight out I have no time for this woman at all so although I will try to be fair I might not be as fair as I could be.

To be honest I don't actually know what it is she does in parliament, apart from wind up the boss that is, so as far as I'm concerned she won't be missed. However there are people, some supporters, some not, who feel that taking off to Australia when she should be at home doing her job is an insult to those who voted for her. Her defence is that she wants to show the people back home that not all politicians are toffy nosed, posh boys and that some are from poor deprived background, just like some of the voters. Someone please tell me how eating bugs, sleeping on camp beds and getting cockroaches stuck up you nose relates in anyway to the deprived people of Britain. Is that what she thinks the poor do? She'd relate more if she slopped around the supermarket in her PJ's, fag in hand and trailed by fifteen different colored kids.

To be fair she is probably going to get more votes appearing in the jungle than she has ever got in an election. And she will probably end up doing most of the tasks so will end up getting the majority of the air time. So in a strange way she will get exactly what she's hoped for, she will become better known, she will show she can rough it and undoubtedly she will display all the qualities she'd hoped to keep well hidden. She has already been photographed sunbathing topless. However when she gets back she faces de-selection so her effort might be in wasted anyway.

As this is a balanced blog I'd also like to point out that former MP Margaret Moran (Labour) is up in court this week for fiddling her expenses.

And we scoff at other countries politicians.

Junior Apprentice Watch

Having got off to a slow start I was thrilled by this weeks episode. 

The task was to produce a cook book, simples, yes? Actually no, the girls team, Platinum, decided on a book for students and uniquely decided to put it in a cartoon form. OK the spelling left a lot to be desired, I mean who can't spell 'potatoes' for goodness sake, but the concept was acclaimed and they got orders by the bucketful.

Odyssey was joined by Maria from the girls team. A mouthy feminist she talked team leader Sean into ignoring the opinions of the focus group and basing their book on 'The Professional Woman.' Well when I say talked, I actually mean harangued, sulked, bullied and shouted down any other opinions before uniquely claiming no one else had any other ideas. The publishers hated it and they lost by a huge margin. In my opinion Maria lost them the task by her bullheadedness and should have been sacked. However Sean got the boot because as team leader he should not have allowed himself to be swayed into ignoring what his research was clearly telling him.

Strictly Watch

I cannot believe Colin has gone. I had him tipped for the final. 

Well a fun afternoon of shopping beckons and I'm expecting Andrew for lunch so I'd better get cooking.