Saturday, 17 November 2012


Well, well , well, who'd have thought it? I seem to have had some early success in the battle to gain a few pounds. My weight today 47.7 kg or 7st 7lbs, thats a gain of four pounds! My six small meals a day, several full cream hot chocolates, Complan and diving for a boiled sweet every time I feel queasy seems to be working. I've kept almost everything down and the results are there for all to see. At this rate I should reach my target weight in another couple of weeks. I have an appointment at the Brompton on Friday where increasing my Flolan will be discussed. I'm going to resist as I don't want anything messing things up.

Talk about a busy week! Is it a full moon or something because calls have been more numerous, weird and wonderful than in the previous week or so. Needless to say I am shattered but happily so as the time flew by and I quite enjoyed myself. Today I'm going to spend mostly on the settee catching up on all my recordings and with three reality shows going all at once plus my usual soaps that is going to take some doing.

In the news the Police and Crime Commissioners have been voted in by a minority turn out, less than 10% in some areas and one polling station in South Wales didn't get one voter through it's doors. How shocking is that! Of those that did bother to put pencil to paper a higher proportion than usual chose to spoil their vote so most Commissioners have actually been elected on a less than 10% vote.

So where did it all go wrong? Well the £75 million it took to set up did not include a budget for advertising the event. Leaflets were in short supply and although there was information on the Internet the website address must have been a state secret. Research shows that in elections such as this it is likely to be the older section of society that votes. Not everyone has access to the Internet or indeed wants is. A vast proportion of the elderly population do not trust it. Anyone think that by making information on candidates only available online might be missing the target audience? Well if you do then you are more on the ball than those that arranged the election. Interviews with various members of the public on the news channels showed that the biggest reason they did not vote was lack of information. Hopefully someone will take note or there may be more polling stations like the one in South Wales next time.

One last point, if these elections were supposed to be non political why do most of the candidates appear to be affiliated to political parties?

Apprentice Watch

Another show, another less than sparkling performance from either team.

This week's task was buying props for an opera company. Things did not get off to a good start when neither team could even pronounce Candelabrum let alone know what it was. If they had twigged the word 'candle' then they might have also got a handle on the other mystery item, 'Votives' basically candles to go into the candelabrum. They constantly asked people if they new that a candelabrum was but the pronunciation returned a series of blanks.

After a dismal showing by both teams Platinum lost, but only just, and Amy, who took over from Maria as most shouty female was gone.

I'm a Celebrity Watch

There is a fine line between being entertaining and being irritating and actress Helen Flanagan has past the line by miles. 

After a week of watching I have developed a soft spot for Colin, cast an admiring eye over David, pegged Charlie as a possible winner and would like to hold Helen's head underwater. Surprisingly I think Nadine has come across as quite level headed and a bit boring, she does carry a rather smug air about her though which grates a bit. The others haven't really stood out yet, well except Hugo who had another mini breakdown after failing a rather simple task. This series is warming up nicely and I can't wait for the next show.

Strictly tonight, I'm going to be spoiled, especially as the husband has returned home with chocolate filled doughnuts.

Well time to start getting lunch together, gnocchi with tomato and basil sauce topped with melted mozzarella, gorgeous.