Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Good Times

Well yesterday was such terrific fun. I really hope we get to do it again sometime.

I'd offered to collect the guest of honour as I figured it was his party so he should be able to have a drink or two. This was easier said than done as the motorway was nightmare and I overshot the pick up place and had to double back. I got there just on time and thankfully the journey to the pub was a lot smoother.

There were nine of us in all as a couple had to pull out, one because she was having a baby, the other two through sickness. One of the ladies brought her fourteen week old baby and he was the star of the show. So well behaved and absolutely gorgeous.

As with all pubs these days the amount of food served up was much more than I could possibly eat so I opted for a Broccoli and Stilton soup which was heavenly. Unfortunately I couldn't even manage to finish that but still foolishly could not resist dessert of black forest gateaux with heaps of cream. Again half was left on the plate but what I did eat was amazing.

Despite the slight set backs with the food I had a really brilliant time and am looking forward to next time, whenever that might be. It was great to see Steve again but I'm sad that I no longer work with him. I wish him well and will make sure we keep in touch.

Woke up this morning to find it dark, dull and wet. How I hate this weather. Still I am fortunate that I'm not flooded out when half the country appears to be under water.

Spoke to both Laurence and Andrew last night. Laurence lives in Northamptonshire, which is one of the counties most severely hit by the floods but despite a few tricky roads on the way to work his area is dry. Thank goodness for that, I had visions of having to dash up there to help bail him out.

Andrew has had a good first day on the ambulance though he seems to have mostly dealt with vomitting. He's also attended broken limbs, a stroke, a suspected heart attack and someone having a fit during his own wedding. He spent the day standing around or fetching and carrying as he suspected he would but from Wednesday he's going to be allowed to help treat patients. He will only be doing the basics, blood pressure, temperature and finger prick bloods but it is a start.

As I sit here writing I'm waiting in eager anticipation of the arrival of my new phone. I love gadgets, I'm just not very good with them. This afternoon is ear marked for setting it up. I reckon if I can get it just as I want it I should be OK. Watch this space.

Apprentice Watch

Oh my goodness. What a shower. Odyssey's Mad Hatter's Tea Party was a total shambles but fortunately for them the customers thought it was all part of the act and, for the most part, happily played along. David proved without a shadow of a doubt that he couldn't organise a party in a brewery and got the blame for almost everything.

Over on Platinum it was a picture of calm, if you ignored Marie that is. Goodness me that girl is a bitch and one of the most annoying people on the planet. Her role seems to be to put a spanner in the works wherever possible, bully everyone to her way of thinking and then blame everyone else when it all goes wrong, as it did here. Despite the calm efficient service the expensive ingredients and the overpriced tickets (Marie's Idea) resulted in them losing the task. Marie continued to be obnoxious in the boardroom, challenging team leader Alice and daring to shout down Lord Sugar who showed every sign of losing his temper. I was convinced Marie was going but she escaped, again, and Alice was shown the door.

I have finally succumbed to pressure, mostly mine, and ordered a 'how to bake cakes' book. I've got Christmas coming up and would like to present my family with something that doesn't look as though it has been run over. If it arrives today tomorrow is experiment day, wish me luck.