Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Getting A Grip

Oh dear God, trouble has now erupted on the PH face book forum, and all over a picture.

The same people who brought the official forum to it's knees are trying to do the same here and are storming off left, right and center because someone dared to post a picture of themselves in a hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask. The arguments are the same, 'it might frighten someone', well boo hoo, the poster is obviously pleased with his recovery and wanted to share his good fortune and show people that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I see nothing wrong with these sort of pictures, you see much worse on TV.

It got me thinking though, what a wonderful way to chart your recovery. I will be instructing Peter to take similar pictures as I think the only way to truly appreciate how far you've travelled is by remembering where you started. I will post them on my blogs and if people don't like them, then they don't have to read them.

My new phone is amazing, I can do so much with it and it is a lot easier to use than I imagined. I'm still having trouble with a few features, such as the camera, but I guess it will all come with practice. I have however discovered a game called Angry Birds and have become obsessed with it, hopefully this will wear off in time. My main problem is forgetting I have a touch screen and accidentally opening apps I don't want. Again it is probably something I'm going to have to get used to but so far, so good.

We went shopping this morning in Milton Keynes and it was freezing.

They obviously didn't have the heating on in the shopping center, or if they did it was very low because I soon found myself shivering. Within half an hour I was so cold I actually ached and my chest felt as though someone had grated it. I always get bad chest pain when I'm cold and this was probably the worst I've been for a while. Now in winter I always wear thermals if I know I'm going to be outside a lot. I never dreamed of wearing them to MK as I've always over heated in them as most of the shopping center is indoors. Big, big mistake and one I will not be making in the future, from now until at least April it is thermals all the way.

On the plus side we did get some of our Christmas shopping done and as there were not many people around it was a fairly stress free experience. What did get me though was the number of school age kids around. It is mid week and not half term so why were so many out of school? I'm not just talking teenagers either.

On the drive home my phone went and I was surprised to see it was Papworth. This time they were ringing to make an appointment to go and speak to the surgeons and do the paperwork. Another step closer but I do wish they'd just sent a letter. I have heart failure every phone call.

So it is time to warm up and sit curled up on the settee with a warm cat and a hot chocolate and catch up on some TV.

Next blog Monday

P.S. I've noticed that the picture has been removed form the forum despite the moderators and other members urging a re-post. What a shame but at least the moderators agree with the minority that there was nothing offensive about the picture. With a bit of luck this will put the two moaners back in their box and hopefully they'll stay there.