Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunshine On A Windy Day

Well despite all dire warnings we seem to have escaped the worst of the weather and I awoke to bright sunshine. I treated myself to a long, hot bath and then got a burst of energy and changed the bed linen, towels and gave my drug prep table it's weekly deep clean. What a way to start a Sunday!

My weight gain mission is still reaping rewards and this morning I'm 7 stone 8 pounds or 48.2 kilos so another gain but only two pounds this week. Still I am moving in the right direction and my target of eight stone doesn't seem that far out of reach now. I have had a couple of 'sick' days though where I felt really nauseous and couldn't keep much down so I shouldn't be too surprised that I haven't gained much.

Coming home last night I was cold, hungry and tired and really couldn't face cooking so I stopped off  at Domino's and bought three medium pizza's, spicy beef and tandoori chicken, ham and pineapple and a margarita with extra tomato and onion for me. I never buy fast food on the way home so goodness knows what got in to me. I wolfed mine down before even changing out of my uniform and spent the rest of the evening feeling bloated and uncomfortable but I kept it down.

The last few days have been a real mixture of highs and lows but mostly have involved stress.

Work has been busy, mostly because of the weather and my home life hasn't been much quieter. With no hospital visits or tests lined up for the next four days I am hoping to relax and have some fun. This afternoon I will be watching the last Grand Prix of the season and then will catch up on I'm A Celeb and The Apprentice as I've haven't been able to watch either yet. It was only a miracle that I got to see Strictly last night. Monday I'm going out to lunch to celebrate a good friend finding his ideal job and then I can put my feet up and relax for the rest of my break.

Andrew goes back to uni today ready to start his placement tomorrow. He is both excited and nervous but I'm sure once he's in the back of an ambulance, with a patient, racing towards a hospital on blues and twos, he'll soon get over it. He is based near Twickenham Stadium and crews often attend matches so if there is a match on and someone gets injured over the next three weeks, it might well be my boy rushing onto the pitch.

Strictly Watch

Is it me or has Strictly lost some of its momentum?

Last night wasn't exactly riveting and, apart from Nicky's Charleston, the dances were far too controlled and therefore dull. We have a lot of good technicians this year but unfortunately few of them are good at 'getting into character'. I'm still routing for Louis and actually thought his dance was a lot better than the judges gave credit for. Poor Victoria was reduced to tears, again, and even Lisa seemed to loose some of her sparkle. I think she could well find herself in the bottom two this week, along with Michael or Victoria. If people actually voted for the dance rather than the personality then it should be Victoria going home as she is by far the weakest dancer left. It won't be of course, and if it has to be someone good then I hope it is Denise.