Monday, 19 November 2012

Stuck In The Puddle With You

We made Rusden by two complete with new radiator strapped to our roof rack. It was another lovely drive though, with blue skies and barely a whisper of wind. The only thing that spoilt the experience was the whistle of the radiator, which had the tone and volume of the whistle you get on steam engines.

After unpacking the boot of all the tools, I was ensconced on the settee with a cup of tea, biscuits and the remote and happily watched Star Trek and Crocodile Dundee while trying to ignore the banging and swearing coming from the bathroom. However despite predictions and a few minor hitches things went relatively well, and although we were there longer than predicted, and had to mop up a small puddle or two, we were all packed up and heading home by six. Leaving a very happy boy, which I assume is still the case as we haven't had any panic stricken phone calls.

The temperature had dropped significantly by the time we headed home and on some of the minor country road dipped as low as 2.6C. The weather was still clear and dry though so we made good time, as there was very little traffic about, and were soon home where I made sandwiches and tea while Peter unloaded the car.

Andrew arrived much later than predicted and was freezing cold and heavily laden. He confirmed that he was here for most of the week as he had several assignments to do which he was finding difficult in his digs. His room mate, who has not changed his bedding since he arrived, is either always asleep or crashing in and out making it difficult to concentrate. So it looks like despite living in the same house, we won't be seeing much of each other except at meal times.

Showing a previously unknown spark of common sense he has already done a dry run from his uni to his placement station and although it is fairly straightforward he will have to get up at around five in the morning to make the run and will probably not get back until nine. On the plus side it is a four on, four off shift pattern so he will have plenty of recovery time in between.

This week is going to be a busy one. Not only will I be working but I also have two hospital appointments, including one at the Brompton on Friday. There were plans to up my meds but I don't really want to do that now I've started to gain weight. On the other hand if I don't do the increase I might start having more problems. I'm finding it to be a real worry. If I go with the increase I'm likely to undo all the good work of the last week plus more and end up taking time off work, again. If I don't do it my breathing will get worse and I will feel worse than usual and will end up taking more time off work again. Arrrggghhhh! Why is this illness so flaming complicated? I just can't seem to ever come out on top, just when I think I'm getting a grip on it something else comes along to slap you down. It's exhausting both physically and emotionally, I am just surprised that suffers of PH are not all basket cases.

Strictly Watch

I just knew I shouldn't have made an predictions as I got it wrong again. At least Louis escaped, much to Flavia's surprise given her reaction. In fairness Richard has been teetering on the brink for some time now and despite being funny and extremely entertaining he's dancing was beginning to lag behind so it was the right decision. With so few left now the competition is beginning to heat up and I suspect we will see a few shock exits over the next few weeks. So time to predict the top three, Denise, Lisa and Louis would be my bet so they are all likely to go out over the next three weeks, watch this space.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

Talking about competition heating up I'm beginning to suspect that Helen has been playing a little game.

For the last week she has failed every task, ensuring the public keep voting for her and causing friction in camp. Now the time for the vote off has arrived and the camp decides who does the trials. Little Helen has realised that this means her time is running out. She will never get chosen to do any of the tasks and the public are most likely to vote her off early as apart from boobs and screaming she doesn't contribute much.

So a different Helen emerges and by some miracle get all twelve stars. Anyone else think she might be a better actress than we've given her credit for? Suspicious or what? Predictable she got chosen for the live trial and the old Helen re-emerged as she cleverly gave the public a 'show' and her camp mates some meals ensuring all were satisfied.

As far as the other contestants went, because believe it or not there are eleven others in there with her, well they are not only desperate for food.

Nadine has upped her hug fest and appears suddenly behind anyone getting a little heated. Her bear hug on Rosemary looked like an attempt to strangle, possibly because Rosemary is also getting more air time than she is. Hugo is becoming a pain as he begins to act like a spoilt 'posh boy'. He cries at a drop of a hat, is moody and sullen and totally unappreciative of anything anyone does for him. Despite having the first meal in days he moaned about the quality as it wasn't 'at a standard he'd even contemplate eating normally'. What on earth does he expect? Five star dining? I was with Rosemary all the way when she had her little rant about him. Colin and Ashley are relentlessly chirpy while Eric and Brian have got the old geezer act down to a tee. As for the others well I'm hoping we will actually get to see more of them over the next week or so. First to be voted off, Helen, please, please, please.

It is shopping day today, it is also drug delivery day. Told you it was going to be a busy week.