Saturday, 3 November 2012

Get On Your Trike And Ride

Someone decided to use my blog to try and whip up some business yesterday.

They attached a comment to my 'Considering The Future' post advertising accountancy services. What made this advert laughable was that is contained numerous spelling mistakes and was grammatically incorrect. In fact if it were not for the word Accountancy it would have been hard to work out what this person was advertising. The post has now been deleted but if you happened to see it please be assured it was not authorised by me.

The trip to the supermarket was quite successful.

I found a disabled bay quite near the doors and parked up and then sat for a while working out how much I needed to buy. I decided in the end that I wouldn't use my trike, it would be difficult to carry a basket on it and I definitely couldn't push a trolley around with it.

Instead I opted to use my oxygen and take it slowly. I hooked the bottle to the back of a trolley and set off. Progress was slow but it gave me more time to stop and look at things. I got what I'd come out for and, as I was feeling pretty good took a wander through the aisles, not with any intent to buy but just to enjoy the feeling of browsing. So how did I end up with £50 worth of stuff when I went intending to get a few carrots and a swede? Even more mysterious was the collection of treats. A large chocolate bar, a large packet of tortilla crisps and a bag of unshelled monkey nuts. What on earth did I buy them for? I don't even like them that much and much prefer to buy my nuts shelled if I can. The other stuff will at least be eaten/be used in time but monkey nuts in their shells? I'm a danger to myself, that is all I can say.

Back home I put together a quick lunch and then set about preparing the Cawl. Once on and heating up nicely I took myself and my snacks off to the living room and settled down to watch a film. By the end half the chocolate and half the crisps were gone, washed down by a can of ginger beer. I know the doctor's have told me to eat as much as I can but I'm not sure this is what they had in mind. Experiencing something of a sugar rush I quickly whipped through the ironing and tidied the living room. I skipped tea and joined Peter in a bowl of Cawl when he arrived home later that evening. Unfortunately eating so late and the excess sugar meant a restless night so I'm not exactly feeling at my best this morning.

However I am undeterred by my trip out and this afternoon I'm planning to visit a book fair that is taking place at my local Methodist Hall. I noticed the signs when passing yesterday. This will mean assembling my trike and going out into the big bad world alone. I'm a bit nervous as to get there I will have to negotiate the same patch of road that I got tipped over on. Having said that I have now had quite a bit of practice so I'm not expecting any problems and if absolutely necessary I'll just get off and walk the trike past that particular pothole. I have to say I'm looking forward to another excursion and this time I'm just taking cash so I can't go mad and end up buying the 1977 collection of Encyclopedia Britannica.

In the news the latest dead person to be accused of sexual abuse is Leonard Rossiter. The accuser is male and was eighteen at the time of the alleged offence. When did the alleged offence take place? Way back in the 1960's and yet, despite Rossiter being dead almost twenty years this person has only felt able to come forward now.

As I've said before I feel nothing but sympathy for the victims of Savile and his cronies but I still do not get why nothing was said about any of them at the time. Were they all so important to the BBC that everything possible was done to protect them? It just doesn't make sense and is bound to throw up suspicions about 'jumping on the band waggon' especially when the accused cannot defend themselves.

One person who is still with us, though by the look of him not for much longer, is Freddie Starr. He got his wish this week and has been questioned by police twice and released on bail, so far without charge. It will be interesting to see what happens next and if he found to be totally innocent then how many other claims will be dismissed. After all if you cannot prove it happened with someone still alive, how are you going to prove it happened with someone dead?

Tarmac, I am pleased to say, has now fully recovered from his bug and to look at him you would not think there was anything wrong with him. I got lots of loves this morning and soon found out why. I had a present awaiting me. Neatly laid out on the dining room floor. Looks like things are back to normal, for now.

Well got to get my trike assembled. I'm going to try and do it in under the hour this time, if you remember last time I couldn't even work out how to unfold the thing. I've had a bit of practice since then and now know where all the clips are so it should be dead easy, I hope.