Sunday, 18 November 2012

Computer Says 'No'.

Well yesterday really was forced time in front of the TV. Just after I posted my blog the Internet went down and didn't return until 1900 by which time I was engrossed in Strictly.

To pass the time I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and will never watch it again. Apart from the very creepy lead character it was a very strange moralistic tail and I really did not enjoy it at all. To pass some of the time I change the bed, did all my laundry and gave the kitchen and the bathroom a clean. I resisted vacumning as Peter was home and would have moaned at me. He knew exactly what I was thinking though and announced he planned to do the floors sometime this weekend.

You don't realise how much you use the Internet until you haven't got it. Being my first day off after four long working days I had loads to do, banking, shopping, arrange a few things for next week etc, etc so roamed the house like a caged animal, frustration just isn't the word. However it is back this morning and as long as it stays up until lunch it can do what it likes in the afternoon because I won't be here. Laurence has a plumbing problem so we are going up to help him fix it. As I am useless at all things DIY it will be another afternoon in front of the TV interspersed with trips to the kitchen to make cups of tea to keep the workers fuelled. Peter reckons it should only take about an hour to fix, which from experience means we won't be home before midnight but hey ho, what can you do?

Unusually I'm seeing both my children today, though not at the same time.

Andrew's placements start next week which means no lessons. Somehow or other he has no placement time at all during the first week so he is coming home in order to write his assignments up in peace and quiet. He's doing three sets of four day shifts. The first is on 26th in Isleworth so quite a journey from his uni in Hatfield, especially with a 7am start. He's really, really looking forward to it though so I don't think the early starts will phase him in any way.

There was a moment of blind panic early this morning when the phone went at around two. Peter slept through it and by the time I'd untangled myself from the bedding and line (I always end up with my line twisted around me, I don't know how), the phone had stopped. I still got up and checked the answer phone but no message. I lay awake for a good half hour wondering who it had been but in didn't ring again so I concluded it must be one of the late night drunken mistakes we sometimes get or a bloody PPI salesman who couldn't work out the time difference.

Strictly Watch

I was not impressed by Wembley night, the dance floor was too big and the crowd to loud.

Lisa was back to her big, mouth always open, frantic style while Denise annoyed the hell out of me by ruining one of my all time favourite songs. It was supposed to be 'Walk Like An Egyptian' but was barely recognisable and I found it so distracting I hardly noticed the dance at all. As you all know by now I really cannot stand this woman and it leaves me in something of a dilemma because I do like James and would really like to see him win, just not with smug, self satisfied Denise. I was disappointed with Louis and Flavia, their dance just lacked something this week, while Nicky and Michael both showed improvements again. I hated Victoria's dance.

So bottom two, well after last week it is going to be really difficult. I'd like to see Denise in there just to pull her down a peg or two but it is unlikely. Much as I hate to say it I think Louis might just be in there along with possibly Kimberley or Lisa. However I am most probably going to be wrong, again.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

OK, I am past wanting to drown Helen now, I just want her to walk out and disappear.

Last night's attempt at a trail was the most pathetic ever. She started panicking before she even left camp and it went downhill from there. As she walked off to meet Ant and Dec (who are the best thing about this show ) her camp mates sagely resigned themselves to another day of rice and beans.

Once in the clearing it took the boys all their efforts to actually get Helen to put the goggles on. They even managed to get her in the cage and onto the wheel and for a brief second I actually though she might give it a go. She didn't and after refusing to do the trial declared, to everyones bemusement, that she'd given it 100%. Even Ant and Dec, usually achingly diplomatic, could hardly keep the look of disgust off their faces.

Back in camp Helen immediately went on the offensive. After cheerily announcing that she had come back empty handed she started accusing Charlie of giving her 'looks'. She got even more annoyed when Eric asked her why she was there. A reasonable enough question, given the circumstances. Helen then retired to the video shack and sobbed that hr camp mates 'hated' her. Helen my love, they probably do, in between discussing how you would taste with a little rice and beans.

Someone who is disliking the situation even more than Helen is Nadeen who, from her reactions, had rather banked on getting all the trails and therefore most of the air time. So Nadeen has taken to hugging Helen whenever possible just to get a little share of the action.

Tonight's trial will be done by.............Helen. Rice and beans it is then.