Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mission Impossible

Well what a day I had yesterday.

We decided to brave the shops and go on a fact finding mission for Christmas presents. Actually the boys took me out in a desperate attempt to get me to give them some ideas. We ended up in MK and despite arriving late in the afternoon, around three, it was still really busy. However thanks to my trusty trike I was soon zipping around here, there and everywhere and, because of its size, I was able to drive into shops rather than leave it outside. However I soon found out that being on a mobility device of any sort instantly renders you invisible to the public as people walked into me, cut across me forcing me to brake hard, and on one occasion actually pushed me out of the way while I was perusing the perfume counter. How rude is that!

We also came across a craft market set up in the hall where the Christmas display usually goes up. We went around all the stalls, looking for interesting bits and pieces and happened upon a cheese stall, selling a whole range of weird and wonderful. As has happened elsewhere people just stood in front of me preventing me from getting anywhere close but the stall holder spotted me and came out from behind his counter with a selection of tasters, how thoughtful. His tactic worked too as ten minutes later I was trundling away with five different cheeses and an empty purse.

Still it was such fun as I haven't been window shopping for a while now as I haven't felt up to it and I did come away with some brilliant, and inexpensive ideas.

Biggest shock of the day was running into my old boss from my days in the Employment Service. It must be at least eighteen years since I last saw him. He was out shopping with his two boys and was as surprised to see me as I was him. Apart from a few grey hairs and having a beard he hasn't changed all that much, goodness only knows what he though of me. We did that awkward, trying to catch up twenty years in five minutes thing, and then went our separate ways.

Back home we opened the cheeses and tucked in along with some fresh crusty bread. In the interests of weigh gain I had a second helping of my favourites. I wish I'd had more cash on me because I would have bought double what I did, they are really delicious.

Talking of gaining weight, Peter did some research this morning and has calculated that in order to gain one pound per week a person of my starting weight and sedentary lifestyle needs to eat an extra 1000 calories a day. How one earth am I going to do that? One thing is for sure, creamy hot chocolate and a couple of handfuls of nuts each day just won't cut it. I'm going to need a rethink. An extra 1000 a day, that sounds like an impossible amount. I've got a feeling I'm going to need those lollies to suck on.

Strictly Watch

What a brilliant show. Everyone upped their game and some by a very large amount.

Lewis was brilliant, for me the best dance of the night but I have a distinct feeling that Craig has taken against him for some reason. Craig's remarks caused mayhem and I thought Len was going to punch him at one point.

I also love Richard's Charleston, it was fast and funny and suited him down to the ground, brilliant.

Bottom for me were Nicky, I find him really, really boring and poor old Michael, Latin really isn't his thing. Kimberley did well and once again I felt she beat Denise who constantly gives the impression of being utterly confident that she is the winner. I really hope someone knocks that smirk off her face soon. As for Victoria and Lisa, they seem to have ground to a halt.

The comedy this week was provided by Brendon and Robin who both managed very ungraceful falls. Brendon at the end of the routine and Robin when he wasn't even dancing!

So bottom two, got to be Nicky and Michael.

Right off to cook up some high fat, high calorie Cannelloni for lunch.