Friday, 30 November 2012


After speaking to my doctor over the phone, I really couldn't face sitting in the waiting room being coughed over, it seems I have a mild form of flu. Bizarrely breathing is fine, I just feel crap, I ache all over, go from shivering to sweating and back again, have a head that feels like it is going to explode and have lost all interest in food. I can't say I'm surprised as I've sat in three different waiting rooms over the last two weeks waiting for different tests so I was bound to pick up something. Thankfully because I've had the jab it is mild, you wanna bet, and I should be over it in a few days. I have antibiotics on standby, just in case, but he doesn't think I'll need them this time round.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

Just a quick word on the fuss surrounding Charlie Brooks daughter.

The child is seven and is more than old enough to have understood there was a chance she would not see her mum in the flesh.

The child is probably used to her mother's absences being the daughter of an actress.

The child sees her mum everyday on TV so is hardly unaware of where she is or what she is doing.

It is evident from last night's phone call that her daughter wants Charlie to win.

It was only six days from the incident, or less, until they are reunited anyway.

Charlie Brooks is not a bad mother, she is earning money to keep her daughter in a good home. Charlie is probably under contract to say is she walks then she faces penalties. I see nothing wrong in wanting to earn as much as possible for her daughter.