Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Weighty Issue

Yesterday's chores passed off a lot quicker than expected as we whizzed around in record time. So I was soon on the settee, feet up and cup of tea in hand, which is just as well as I've started to experience painful calf muscles if I walk any distance. I've had aching legs before and my specialists said it was because my blood cannot keep up with the oxygen demand walking requires, so if I walk too far or too fast my muscles get oxygen deprived and protest. I was halfway around Tesco, feeling good so without trike, when I got the worst cramps ever. I could hardly stand and whimpered pathetically as I clung to the trolley until the feeling passed. I've asked other PH suffers about this and got a range of possible answers but most seem to blame the Flolan. I've got an appointment at the Brompton on Friday so I'll check it out with them.

It was Warfarin clinic today and so another painful encounter with a nurse who just didn't care. She resisted all attempts at conversation and jabbed the needle in as though she were stabbing an insect. The look she gave me indicated that any complaint would be ignored.

While waiting I was both amused and shocked when a fight almost broke out over a wheelchair.

Sitting quietly reading and generally minding my own business I was suddenly jolted from the drama on the page by the drama taking place in the doorway to the clinic. In the door frame, stuck fast was the biggest wheelchair I've ever seen. Sitting in it was the biggest woman I've ever seen. The chair was at least double the size of your average one and was sturdily constructed out of what looked suspiciously like steel girders. This lady was accompanied by two other females of not un-similar proportions who were busily trying to ram the chair through the gap taking paint and splinters of wood off with every push.

The commotion soon drew the attention of the receptionist and the clinic sister who rushed over to help and calmly unlocked the other half of the double doors to allow the chair through. Having inspected the damage the ward sister turned on the trio and berated them for a) not sending one of the more mobile ladies in to get help and b) not trying to undo the door themselves rather than cause so much damage. Their reply was astonishing as in broad American accents they hit back complaining how everything in England was so small and everyone so rude.

The farce continued when they tried to park the thing in the clinic. Everywhere they put it they blocked a corridor and prevented patients and nursing staff from moving freely around the clinic. In the end the sister politely suggested that the lady in the wheelchair got out and sat on the ordinary chairs (to be honest she'd have needed three at least and the chair be folded up. This was not a suggestion welcomed by the trio and another argument ensued. In the end one of the nurses came out into the waiting room and took this lady's blood sample just so they could get rid of her. Needless to say those of us who'd been waiting half an hour or more were not best pleased to witness this blatant bit of queue jumping but were also heartily thankful to see the back of them. I do hope they are not going to become regular customers.

On reflection this might have been the reason I was stabbed with such vigor, it was nothing personal, they were all just well and truly pissed off.

So Friday sees the dreaded trip to the Brompton. Normally I don't mind the regular MOT to see that everything is ticking over nicely. However I know this is going to be a tricky one because they are going to be anxious to keep me in the best possible health for my transplant, while I want to put on weight, also for the transplant, and know that the two things are not compatible. Sure if they increase the drug I will get used to it and will feel better but it also mean weeks of nausea and vomiting, which is something I really cannot afford at the moment. I'm sure we will reach a compromise though, we usually do.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

We have the first leaving, and as with most years it is due to illness rather than the vote off. This year it is Brian who has bitten the dust and been removed due to a 'mystery' illness. A recovering alcoholic with a history of depression, concerns about his emotional state were raised early on in the week when he broke down in tears after a spat and then had a rambling row with Rosemary over nothing. Hopefully whatever it is he'll be back on form, but sadly not back in the jungle, soon.

Helen reaped the rewards of two successful trials and did not get voted for the last bush tucker trial. Is it just me or, despite her cheer, did she look a tad put out? Anyway the public have turned their wrath on Hugo, who to be fair has been acting like a big baby of late. Rosemary hit the nail on the head when she said he was used to getting his own way and threw tantrums when he didn't. We will see just how much of a baby when the trial takes place on Wednesday. Naturally it can't happen tonight because the show is making way for football. Does this annoy anyone else? The show is only on for three weeks a year and we have already lost two days for football. If I ruled the world I'd make it illegal, not football, just forcing it on everyone.

Well off to enjoy the last free afternoon before back to work tomorrow. Next blog Sunday.