Monday, 2 January 2012

Down To Earth With A Bump

Well it's been a good New Year. Laurence arrived in time for tea on New Year's eve and later went out to catch up with some friends he hasn't seen since he moved. He rolled in at two in the morning then slept late. It was as if he'd never left. New Year's day lunch was very special, beef with all the trimmings, wine and a good old catch up. We sat down at twelve thirty and didn't finish until two. Then we exchanged presents, enjoyed a coffee or two and then it was time for Laurence to leave. I wish he could have stayed longer but he had to be up early for work today and had some stuff to do beforehand.

Andrew also went out on New Year's even but didn't stay very long as he had to be up early on New Year's day for his paper round. He didn't really mind though as he'd already been out the night before and had a really good time. He hasn't revised for the last two days, which I think is a good thing as everyone needs a break but will be back on the books this afternoon. He is back at school on Wednesday and cannot believe how quickly the break has gone. I must admit I can't quite believe it either. I think the fact that I work up to Christmas day and then between Christmas and the New Year has made it a little less special for me this year, still enjoyed it though.

Changed my dressing today, I now change it every third day unless it gets wet, and was slightly alarmed to find I'd been bleeding. This hasn't happened for a long time and I'm at a loss as to why this has started again now. I don't remember pulling it but even if I did the way I loop the line is designed to stop any accidental pulls affecting the line site. It might be just one of those things or it could be heralding the start of an infection. I cleaned it thoroughly and carefully and am now hoping for the best. I won't disturb it again tomorrow but will check it on Wednesday and if it is looking suspicious I'll be off to my GP, again. I've had trouble with the line site from the beginning. It took a long time for it to heal and has continued to look angry around the site, though numerous swabs have not shown any infection. My specialist team thinks it is just my body trying to get rid of the line, similar to rejection in transplants and will settle down eventually. They also said it showed that my immune system was working really well. Excuse me? If my immune system was working that well I wouldn't be getting all these bloody chest infections would I.

There were no big natural disasters this year, thank goodness though both Japan and New Zealand had minor earthquakes, most likely after shocks from the more serious events in early 2011. However there have been an alarming amount of killings during the festive season. One news source counted eleven since Christmas eve and today I wake up to hear of another four people have died in a shooting believed to have taken place on New Year's eve. It seems the season of goodwill to all men no longer exists. What a sad reflection on what Britain has become. We are getting more like America every day and not even the good part of America. No, we've by passed the work ethic they have and gone straight for the gangster culture. Sometimes I think if I were fit and had the money I'd just leave. The trouble is where would I go, the rest of the world seems to be just as bad these days.

Today is housework day, I have piles of washing and ironing to do. Tomorrow it is off to the warfain clinic where I firmly hope they will give me another six weeks grace before my next test. Then in two weeks I'm off to the Brompton to have my tests repeated, just to make sure the good results I got before Christmas wasn't a blip and then in three weeks its the long awaited trip to Harefield for my transplant review. It is going to be a busy start to 2012.