Friday, 13 January 2012

Time On My Hands

Woke up to a beautiful, bright, crisp frosty morning. I love frosty days, everything feels so clean.

Yesterday was a different story, it was warm, dull and dank and then it started to rain. We were supposed to be going out to Costco but decided to put it off for a day as no one likes to be loading stuff into the car boot in the wet. Instead I had another small cleaning frenzy and then got the ironing out. Since Laurence left my ironing pile has halved and I whizzed through it all in less than an hour. Ironing done and I look around for something else to do, I don't feel like reading or watching TV and suddenly have to admit I'm bored. I can't remember the last time I felt bored, I'm so used to being too tired or too ill to do anything that boredom rarely had a look in. I think about getting my camera out but the lack of light and colour in the garden would mean very dull photographs, besides which the rain had sent the wildlife scurrying for cover so it was dead out there. So it was back to the cleaning and now I have the most hygienic kitchen and bathroom in the whole street. Hurry up nice weather, I want to get out and about again.

Today is more promising but I won't be going out with my camera as we have too much to do. I have to go to Costco to pick up my contact lenses or I won't be able to see tomorrow and Peter has to collect some shelving he won on ebay.

This morning I set myself the rather ambitious task of trying to cook a sweet and sour chicken from scratch. I've become a bit of a dab hand at curries so wanted to extend my skills by trying something different. It's not as easy as it looks and I ended up with something resembling marmalade. We still had sweet and sour for lunch though, only it came out of a jar and was made by Uncle Ben.

Costco was quiet and we were in and out in no time which is just the way I like it. However for a brief minute I did wish we had gone yesterday, the wind cutting through the car park was freezing. After a brief home stop to off load it was on to Luton to pick up the shelving. Everything looked fine until we got it home and then it turned out to be a shade lighter than the shelving we already have. Peter is now muttering about 'staining', I don't think he's exactly thrilled.

We arrived home to the wonderful smell of hot cake. Andrew had decided to bake some chocolate muffins while we were out. They look impressive but I'm a bit worried by his statement that he 'changed the recipe to make them more puffy.' I think he's added extra baking powder, I just hope he hasn't added too much and they still taste nice, too much baking powder can make things terribly bitter. Still I mustn't complain, it is not every teenage son who comes home and bakes his mother a treat.

Tonight is the funeral of my favourite all time soap character. I have got some chocolate at the ready but no tissues, I don't cry at fictional funerals. I will however mourn the passing of a great character, Eastenders will never be the same without Pat Beale/Wickes/Butcher/Evans and to be honest I'm no longer counting myself as a great fan. Like most things in life it has moved on and developed, as it should, but it is now so far removed from the original that it could be an entirely different show. I will still watch but won't stress out if I miss an episode or two from time to time.

Early to bed tonight as I'm at work again this weekend and am due in at 8am. The forecast is ice and fog, nice. I always enjoy starting the day scraping my windows just to watch them freeze up as fast as I can clear them.