Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ice, Ice, Baby

OMG! I didn't know it was possible to be so tired and yet still be awake. This is my second week at my new increased hours and I'm beginning to struggle. I'm going to have to take this a lot slower than I imagined I would but I'll get there eventually. It is so frustrating and sometimes I hate the limitations this stupid condition imposes on me. I still cannot get my mind to accept that I'm ill and try to carry on just like everyone else and then my body goes and lets me down because I've pushed it too hard, again. Part of the problem is that I'm beginning to feel pressure from work. They try desperately hard to give me space and let me go at my own pace but I'm not blind, deaf or stupid. I know that we are so short staffed that we are working on the edge at the moment. We are so stretched that if any one of us goes sick we are in trouble. I know that I'm adding to the strain by only working part time so I'm really feeling the urgency to get back to my full time hours. I try to reason with myself that they would probably much prefer me to be there part of the time than over do it and not be there at all but the pressure is still there. I'm going to have to try and strike a balance between being honest with myself while doing the best I can at work, it's going to be tough.

What the hell have they done to Dancing On Ice? I was so disappointed with last night's show that I really don't know if I will be bothered to watch the rest of the series. First the presenters; who on earth thought it would be a good idea to drop lovely, soft, curvy Holly Willoughby and replace her with hard, angular, screechy Christine Blakeley? For the majority of the time she stared out of my TV screen like some crazed goblin, scary and unpleasant. Then we have the judges, say what you will about Jason Gardner but he did make the show interesting. OK, I agree, last year he took it far too far but the show is poorer without him. The three judges they have now seem incapable of saying anything other than comforting platitudes and were dull, dull, dull. And as for the contestants, well I can honestly say that I can count the ones I've heard of on the fingers of one hand and, with the possible exception of Laila Morse, am not interested in any of them. So all in all a wash out from my perspective, and I've heard several people complaining about the changes too. Why is it that as soon as they have a nice comfy, dependable, reliable format they get this manic urge to fiddle and ruin it all.

In the news we have a celebrity chef caught stealing cheap cheese and wine from Tesco's. He has apologised and says he will be getting 'treatment'. Treatment! So shop lifting is an illness now is it? Give me strength.

The NHS has said it will replace faulty implants for those women whose private clinic refuse to do so. Excellent, so having heard all that naturally the private clinics are going to refuse amd so save themselves the cost. The NHS have put in some qualifiers though in an effort to stop themselves being swamped, women will have to have a genuine reason for wanting to have the bags removed. Guess what one of the qualifiers is? Being anxious. If a woman rocks up to the NHS and claims to be anxious about her implants then the NHS will whip them out no other questions asked. And the cost to the NHS, an estimated £150 million pounds. Just think what the NHS could do with that money to help those ill through no fault of their own.

Off to warfarin clinic tomorrow to catch up with my elderly ladies and get an new bruise. Joy!