Sunday, 22 January 2012

I'm So Tired, My Mind Is On The Blink

Well I survived my first eight hour shift, just. I am so tired I can barely move, who'd have thought that one extra little hour would make such a big difference? I'm really glad I tried it though, I can do it and now it is just a matter of getting used to it. If I can get through the next three days without a blip I'll be well on my way.

The days are getting longer. Driving into work at seven this morning meant I set off in the dark but arrived as dawn was breaking and coming home at four it was still light almost all the way. I love it when you start noticing the first signs that summer is approaching. The trouble with me is I can't wait and day dream about sitting out in the garden with a good book and a cold glass of Pimms. Each year I am disappointed as the summer never turns out to be as good as you hoped. Maybe this year will be different.

I arrived home to find the dining table covered in books, Andrew has been studying hard all day. I'm glad he isn't giving up and is pushing himself to get as good a mark as possible.

Got our weekly phone call from Laurence, we have been invited up for a meal next Sunday and he's cooking. Something to look forward too, I wonder what we'll have? My bet is pasta.

In the news is the horrific story of a six year old girl who got her ear bitten off by a pit bull. The cowardly owner did a runner but has now handed himself in to police. I was expecting some teenage thug but it turns out to be a fifty six year old who is now under arrest. I don't know what will happen to the dog, it will probably be destroyed which is sad for the owner and the dog. I don't believe any animal is evil but I do believe no animal can be completely trusted, especially around children. Even the most docile mutt can deliver a painful nip if over excited and small children can easily be knocked over by the bigger ones. A dog should be allowed the occasional free run but you have to chose your time and place and that is not a Saturday afternoon when the park is full of children playing.

The man and his dog will both pay for the man's thoughtlessness, unfortunately the dog will probably pay the ultimate price for something that really wasn't its fault, dogs do what dogs do, it is up to the owners to keep them out of trouble. As for the child and her parents, well they will live with the scars both physical and mental for the rest of their lives. The child will probably always be terrified of dogs and the parents will now view every dog as a possible threat. Thankfully surgeons can do wonderful things these days so hopefully her physical scars will eventually fade. As for the wider effects no doubt there will be a rise in reports of dogs running lose as the public go into panic mode. This always happens after a dog attack and I can understand why. However it is curious that dog owners seem to be immune to public feeling and don't get the message about keeping their dogs on a lead even after a highly publicised event like today's.

Lasagna for tea today then a long evening in front of the TV before early to bed. I won't bother looking to see if there is anything good on, chances are I'll end up sleeping through it anyway.