Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Calm Again!

The storm has passed. Andrew returned from school yesterday afternoon and was much happier. We had a bit of a chat and cleared the air. Phew! So glad! He has got back to the company and told them that he wants to complete his A levels but if they have anything going in the summer to keep him in mind. A sensible compromise that doesn't close off any other options he might have. I don't know what made him come around, maybe he just needed time to think, I don't know and don't really care as long as we are OK. I think we will both handle things differently next time, hopefully there won't be a next time.

Had the results of my warfarin test back and am delighted to say they don't want to see me again until March, that's eight weeks. I've never had such a long gap between tests before and I'm delighted that I've become so stable. Of course it means not seeing my old ladies for all that time, which I will miss, but if it's a choice between seeing them and having a needle stuck in my arm, well you know which one I'm going to choose.

Today I took a step back from the frenetic activity of yesterday. I spent time catching up on paperwork and I actually ordered my car tax disk early for once. I went out for a potter around the garden, checking everything was still OK following last week's gales and then replaced the fat balls and refilled the bird feeders. Although I have two cats they are rather elderly gentlemen and prefer to spend their days stretched out on the furniture as opposed to catching things. The birds in my garden are relatively safe and I get a great deal of pleasure watching them from the dining room on cold frosty days. I keep meaning to set up a camera and a long lens to try and catch some of the action, I really must get on and do it. When I first went out into the garden there was silence, then I hung up a feeder and heard a chirrup somewhere behind me, by the time I went back inside the noise was amazing. How do they know? Do they have look outs in all the gardens? Obviously the grapevine is in full working order as my garden is now full of visitors whereas before there were none.

Andrew is off on a two hour driving lesson after school today. He is really enjoying them and seems to be doing quite well. His test has been booked for 28th February and he and his instructor are both pretty confident he'll be ready. Me and my bank account hope this is the case.

There is a government more stupid than the English one. Step forward the Welsh, who are not only prepared to pay to have breast implants removed but will cover the cost of replacement too. I am lost for words on this one.

The new high speed rail link between London and Birmingham has been approved much to the dismay of pretty much everyone who pays taxes. The environmental protesters who are generally better organised and prepared for these events than the government are already swinging into action and who can blame them. Wouldn't the money be better used getting the railway we already have working properly? There isn't one commuter who wouldn't like to see a few more carriages at rush hour so he at least has a shot of getting the seat he's paid thousands for. The project is due to be completed in 2026 but we all know that is not going to happen. There are going to be years of enquiries, consultations and judicial reviews before they even start and if someone can find a Great Crested Newt somewhere along the route that will be that. If they are lucky they might be able to start the build in 2026 by which time they may not be able to even afford it. If it does get built who on earth is going to use it? Certainly not the ordinary traveler that's for sure as I suspect ticket prices will run into the hundreds. It won't take long for the public to realise it is actually cheaper by road, and more convenient, and we will be left with yet another white elephant.

Tomorrow it is the joys of Costco and the ironing, I do lead such an exciting life.