Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ohps, I Did It Again

I did a very silly thing today. I went out and forgot to take my house key. I only remembered when we got to Tesco and I mentioned it to Peter who then said he hadn't brought his because I always have mine. In the twenty plus years we've lived in that house we have never locked ourselves out before. We knew there was no chance of breaking in, well not without smashing a window and as they are all double glazed even that would be difficult. In the end we decided that the best thing to do was finish our shopping, go and grab a coffee from somewhere and wait for Andrew to come home, hoping he'd remembered his keys. Of course there was a complication, isn't there always, and that was that Andrew was doing the first of his A level exams this afternoon. It was quarter past two when we realised we were locked out and Andrew would not be home before three thirty. After we ran out of things to do we drove home and sat in the car on the drive and waited for Andrew's return. Ten to four he finally sauntered down the road, thankfully with key in hand. Naturally he found the whole thing hilarious.

It seems all the revision has paid off as the exam went really well, he got all the questions he was hoping for and is confident of getting a good result. He now has a week off before he has two others one after the other. He is taking a well earned break this evening before hitting the books again tomorrow. Today's exam was the one he was worrying about most as Psychology is his weakest subject. He is really strong in the next two, Biology and Physics, so I don't think he will be quite as anxious about them. However he knows that in order to get onto his course he needs a minimum of three C grades so he can't slack. After next week he gets three months grace and then has to go through it all again in May for his finals. It's going to be a stressful few months but it will be worth it in the end if it gets him where he wants to be.

Aside from the excitement of locking myself out it has been a pretty mundane run of the mill kind of day. We did the dreaded drug count in the morning and phoned through the results to the supplier who got all confused because I was ringing in a day early. I explained that I was going to the hospital tomorrow and would not be in for their call. This seemed to confuse the girl even more who thought I was going in to hospital and wouldn't need my drugs anymore. I explained that it was only for a check up and I would be needing my delivery as usual. I wish I'd never said anything now because I'm going to be worrying for two weeks that my delivery won't turn up at all.

Kodak have filed for bankruptcy protection, what a shame. Kodak was a big part of my life for quite some years. I met Peter at college where he was studying photography and I was doing my A levels and I soon became embroiled in the photographic world. I spent many a happy afternoon tramping around Aberystwyth with a camera slung round my neck or up to my elbows in chemicals in the dark room developing my efforts. My perfume in those days was 'Odeurs de Fixative'. We didn't have much money for film so we were constantly sorting through the baskets of out of date film that chemists had on sale for half price and all of it was Kodak. Even now in the camera bag where I keep my old SLR camera I still have a couple of bright yellow boxes of Kodak film. It will be so sad to see Kodak go to the wall but unfortunately they were in trouble the minute digital photography became affordable to the man in the street, they just stuck their heads in the sand and hoped the problem would go away, much to their cost.

Off to the Brompton tomorrow so probably no blog as we are usually back late. I will tell you all about it on Saturday.