Monday, 16 January 2012

Every Cloud....

Was it a full moon this weekend? I have to ask as there have been some weird and wonderful calls, most of which had nothing to do with us at all.

Apart from the public my colleagues have also been less than happy these last few days. Everyone is desperately trying to book leave but are having it turned down left, right and center. It was the main topic of conversation on a slow Sunday and I suspect it will be a theme we will be returning to many times in the next few months or weeks as shortness of staff make leave an ongoing problem. Part of the problem is that a lot of my colleagues have school aged children and so naturally want to take leave during school holidays. Thankfully this is no longer a consideration for me which is probably why I seem to have more success at booking leave than some. The moral in the room is low and I can't see it getting any better until the leave situation is resolved.

It was so cold this morning, -5C when I set off for work. My breath kept misting up the windscreen of the car which made things a bit tricky. The drive in wasn't very pleasant this morning, lots of traffic, which is unusual for seven in the morning, and most of them doing stupid things. I got really irritated by one driver who crawled along in the national limit areas then took off in the thirties. The drive home though was glorious, the roads were quiet and it was warm and sunny. All that is set to change though and we can expect it to be wet, windy and warm mid week before snow arrives for the weekend. Lovely!

Last day of the set tomorrow then four glorious days off. It will also be the last day for one of my friends who is off to bigger and better things. Jade and I joined together, trained together and have worked together for over two years. I will be sad to see her go but happy that she is moving on to something she really wants to do. I wish her well and hope she has success.

On the PHA website there is a plea for help from a mum who's young daughter is refusing to have a Hickman line inserted. I can understand her daughter's horror, I nearly did a runner when having mine put in and I'm quite a few years older. At thirteen appearance and not being different is your whole world. While the daughter worries about how it will look the mum is frantic over how to persuade her daughter to take the plunge. My only advice would be that it is a huge commitment and you have to 100% sure that this is the route you want to take. It is not a treatment you can take shortcuts with, if you do the risk of infection is high. It is certainly not something anyone should be forced into. On the plus side despite it being an absolute pain it has made a big difference to how I feel. I can do so much more than I could six months ago and although I am still prone to chest infections my PH is very stable at the moment and my heart function is almost back to normal. Thirteen is a horrible age to have to be thinking of things like this and it is so wrong that they are having to do so. I'm sure once they have weighed up the pros and cons they will make the right choice for them, I wish them well.

The news is still full of the cruise ship that sunk off Tuscany. They are still finding people alive on the ship so fears of mass deaths seem to be unfounded, at the last count it was six dead and sixteen still missing. The ship's captain has been arrested and investigations have begun into how such a modern ship could have gone over so quickly. On the plus side, it seems the cost of cruises are plummeting. Every cloud........

Also in the news it seems Laila Morse has been voted off Dancing On Ice. I forgot it was on so didn't watch it and now that Laila has gone there is no reason too. Never mind Masterchef is back on Tuesday, time for me to get my pen and paper out and try and write down a few likely looking recipe ideas. Again every cloud etc, etc.