Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ah Grasshopper!

I am worried. I have my appointment at Harefield tomorrow to be reassessed for transplant and I still have this bloody chest infection. I am definitely better today than I have been but my chest is still painful and feels really  clogged up. This time it is taking longer to clear and I have a feeling I'll need more antibiotics as I can't see this being fully gone by Sunday when my current course finishes. What really worries me is how weak I'm feeling. I don't have the energy to do anything and all I do is sit in front of the TV with my laptop. If I do try and do things my chest aches like hell and I feel light headed. The funny thing though, I don't feel all that breathless. My breathing has been much worse than this with milder infections, it's very strange and I wish it would just bugger off.

Going for assessment is fraught enough as it is. You worry about being turned down because you are too ill, you worry you will be turned down because you are too well and then you worry that they will find something the excludes you all together, like too many antibodies or something. I know that they are planning to do some lung function tests and wonder how much my infection will affect the results, will they be able to tell what is infection induced and what is PH induced? What I'm most worried about is that they decided I'm too ill for assessment and re-book me. Not a tragedy I admit but bloody frustrating when you've been waiting so long.

Andrew came home with another grin on his face, his Biology exam went as well as his others so he is confident of good results, fingers crossed he's not wrong. He is off to try out a new martial arts club in Barton tonight. He has been going to one in Luton every Monday, which he still attends, and one in Bedford every Tuesday. However he has decided to stop going to the Bedford one as it had no structure and he didn't feel he was learning anything. There was also a boy there who kept trying to sell him drugs, Andrew is very anti drug and was annoyed at this boy's aggressive manner. The final straw came when this boy brought a chain to the club and threatened to use it on Andrew who for some reason he saw as a threat. I think he might have been top dog at this club and when Andrew turned up with his black belt had his nose put out of joint, whatever the reason it made things there very unpleasant. So Andrew decided to look for something closer to home and found a club that meets in the middle school Tuesdays and Thursdays. He's decided to go to the Thursday session to give himself some recovery time between meetings. Sounds good to me.

The cats have finally got over whatever it was that was bothering them and peace reigns once more, they have even been seen napping together. Aww bless!

This afternoon it came over all warm and sunny so I wrapped myself up and took a slow turn around the garden. My word did it improve my mood and health! While out there I refilled the bird feeders, hung out a few more fat balls and scattered some seeds and nuts around the lawn for those birds that don't like hanging upside down to eat. By the time I came in I felt a lot better, maybe I should have gone out to Tesco with Peter yesterday after all.

One of the news stories that I enjoyed today is that of a Brazilian bank robber who managed to shoot himself in the foot. This idiot was guarding the doors while the rest of the gang were busy inside. For some reason he had two guns which CCTV shows him playing with until one accidentally goes off. Showing that there is no honour amongst thieves he decides to abandon his mates and limp away to hospital leaving the gang without their lookout man. After viewing the footage all the police had to do was wait for the hospital to report a man with a bullet wound in his foot and then go along and arrest him. What a prize twit!  I love stories like this, it proves that sometimes bad things happen to bad people.

There will be no blog tomorrow for obvious reasons but watch out for Saturday's, it should be interesting.