Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I missed my warfarin clinic. I got confused about the day and convinced myself that yesterday was Monday. I got a mild rebuke in the post this morning and a new appointment for next Tuesday which I have written on my calender so it will be another week before I find out how my old ladies faired over the holidays.

Having said all that I might well have thought twice about going even if I had remembered as the weather was terrible. High winds and torrential rain did not make for a good combination. As the car park is quite a way from the clinic and like most PHers I have trouble breathing in windy weather, getting there in one piece was not going to be easy. I wouldn't be able to run to get out of the rain so would have got soaked. I am not physically very strong so could easily be blown over which on warfain would have meant a trip to casualty to check for internal bleeding. And finally the wind would have literally taken my breath away. These are things I'd never imagined when first diagnosed. You never realise how much being ill effects day to day living unless you are there. One of my guilty pleasures when I was younger was taking a walk along the prom in stormy weather and dodging the waves crashing over the railings. Wouldn't be able to do it now, it would be far to dangerous, another part of my life wrecked.

Still maybe not forever and maybe not for that long. I have an appointment at Harefield on the 27th Jan to meet the transplant team for a review of my case and for a full day of testing to see how bad my lungs are now. Well obviously they have not got any better because I'm attached to a machine. My heart however is fit and strong and that was a major concern when I was first referred. I am very hopeful of a positive outcome to the meeting and that my place on the transplant list is secured.

Well the last two days has been a busy time for news.

The breast implant panic rumbles on and now the suggestion has been made that the implants be removed on the NHS. Excuse me! No! I have no problem with those women unfortunate enough to need re-constructive surgery having the implants replaced on the NHS as their needs are genuine. And of course the NHS chose which implant to use so they should be responsible. If however you have had them put in to boost 'confidence' or for pure vanity then you chose them, they are your responsibility, you pay to have them removed. I deeply resent an already cash strapped NHS having to foot the bill for these silly women when cancer patients are having drugs refused because of cost. It's all about priorities and vanity shouldn't even register on the list.

The second big piece of news is the conviction of David Norris and Gary Dobson for the murder of Stephen Lawrence.I don't really have a lot to say on this as I, like most British people, have talked about this case on and off for the past eighteen years. I am pleased for the Lawrence's who ultimately lost more than just a son. I'd be even more pleased if all five had been convicted but beggars can't be choosers. Apparently the only hope of getting the other three to court is if one of the two convicted speaks about their involvement. If they haven't said anything in the last eighteen years it is unlikely they will say anything now so I think that might be a lost cause. Partial justice is better than no justice but only full justice will give the Lawrence's peace and bring the whole horrible business to an end. The sentence came in late this morning and each will be in prison for the minimum of fourteen years.

Andrew went back to school today, for one lesson. Yes Wednesday is his lightest day so he won't be gone long. He seems pleased to be back though, I think he was getting bored just revising all day. I suspect he'll be showing off his new notebook to his mates and catching up on all the gossip.

Went out to Tesco's this afternoon and was depressed at how grey the world seems. I dislike the hiatus between Christmas and spring. January and February are desolate months that seem to have had every shred of colour washed out of them. Role on March and hopefully a long hot and colourful summer.