Monday, 23 January 2012

Keep Calm And Carry On

Well I guess that explains why I was so tired yesterday. Yes I've got yet another chest infection and so am starting my fourth course of antibiotics in three months. Would I say I was pissed off? Yes I would! I've been given a different type this time, I'm usually on Cefalexin but this time I'm on Doxycyclin which my GP assures me will 'kill the infection stone dead.' That's if the infection doesn't finish me off first of course. At least I avoided steroids this time as my SATs are normal for me (normal means anything between 85% and 95%) and there is no wheeze. A small triumph but a triumph nevertheless. The rest of his advice was the same, rest up, drink plenty, keep warm, use your oxygen if you need to. I'm upset, angry and disappointed but I know I have no choice but to do as I'm told and hope it passes quickly.

Andrew got his information pack for his interview at Herts Uni next week. He is trying to act all cool but I can tell he is really excited about it. He is still hitting the books, with the exams being held this Wednesday and Thursday not long to go, thank goodness. I like to see him studying but I do worry about him doing too much and burning out before the big day. Fortunately he does have his hobbies and has decided to go to karate tonight which will give him a much needed break.

So with nothing to do except sit and watch TV it has been a pretty boring day, but not a quiet one. Our neighbour had a TV aerial that went through his roof and was attached to the wall inside the loft. During the recent high winds this aerial came off and took some of the wall with it. After a bit of haggling he finally got an insurance payout and today the wall and aerial are being fixed. Naturally enough the process comes with a great deal of banging, drilling and assorted other noises. The planned afternoon nap had to be shelved and I settled for a doze on the settee during Doctors instead, much to the delight of Tarmac who chose to join me. I woke up sweating buckets and thought something was really wrong until I realised I had a hot, furry body draped over me. I did feel better when I woke up and wondered if the cat had something to do with it. My mother is a great one for 'sweating' a bug to kill it off and used to cover me in blankets and feed me hot soup and cups of warm blackcurrant when I had a chest infection. She said that raising my temperature killed off the bugs, I think it nearly killed me off a couple of time too. However I'm now beginning to wonder if she had something there as I do feel a bit brighter this afternoon. Peter says it is wishful thinking and I probably just needed a sleep. He's probably right.

In the news the story that caught my eye was a report that the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in particular are slowly slipping into the Thames. Cracks have recently appeared in the Grade 1 listed building and the clock tower is leaning, half a meter at it's tip. These are indeed worrying signs and the subsidence is thought to have been cause by the extension of the Jubilee tube line and the building of a massive five story car park. Of course the knee jerk reaction has resulted in rumours that MP's will move out to new offices and the building be sold to private investors. As if that is going to happen. A more balanced view is that MP's might be temporarily re-homed whilst renovation work is done. That sounds more plausible but is there any reason for MP's to move out? They are all on holiday for three months every summer so why not do the work then? However I'm with Professor John Burland of Imperial College who has said "I calculated that it would take 10,000 years to reach the inclination of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It's moving incredibly slowly and always has done so and there really is no immediate danger at all." There you go, keep calm and carry on.