Friday, 6 January 2012

'Cause When You're A Celebrity It's Adios Reality

They are still debating whether the stupid, vain women who stuffed bags of plastic into their bodies should get them removed on the NHS. NO! NO! NO! I am so angry about this, it shouldn't even be under discussion.

Back at work and I must say the day went rather well all in all. I felt much more livelier coming home than I did last week but I must remember this is only day one out of four. Had to do some training, so bored, talk about teaching your grandmother to suck eggs. For goodness sake! I have a degree, I taught IT for over ten years and can find my way around a computer screen thank you very much. What a pointless waste of time, next time just give me the manual and an hour to go through it, job done.

It was an early start to the day and I was on the road just after seven this morning but didn't get to see any wildlife this time around. Tomorrow and Sunday I'm on lates so will have to battle my way through traffic and travel home in the dark, something I really hate doing. Having said all that I quite enjoy flexible hours, as they say variety is the spice of life, it's just not so good when it is cold, wet and dark.

Watched the start of Celebrity Big Brother last night in the vain hope they might have someone interesting on. It seems drug crazed sex pest rejects from X Factor are now classed as 'celebrities', well that's me turning off for the duration. Out of all the people they could have chosen from X Factor why him? Out of all the contestants he was the most trouble, ohps, I appear to have answered my own question. Seems all you need to be a celeb these days is an attitude; skill, talent and decency just don't cut it anymore, sad times.

My drug delivery arrived and as usual what arrived is nothing remotely like the order I put in. Typically the things I am really short of have been replaced with the bare minimum. I have enough for the month but no spares to cover faulty items or those accidentally contaminated, if I drop them for example. The things I categorically said I did not need more of have arrived in vast quantities. Why can't they get it right? Is it really so hard? I must admit I did have reservations about placing an order the Friday before Christmas but I had little choice. Obviously 'Emma' was either suffering from too much Christmas cheer or just didn't bother listening to me. Another complaint will be heading their way. I'm hoping that if I complain enough they will eventually take notice, OK it is a long shot but it can't go on like this, it is really beginning to stress me out. At least they didn't actually forget anything this time, so I suppose there has been a small improvement.

 The killers of Stephen Lawrence could have their sentences increased to twenty years, now that's more like it.

In the news it appears Mount Etna has erupted again. I love watching volcanoes in action. There is something very beautiful about them. Fortunately this appears to be quite a small eruption and no one is expecting any disruption to travel so everyone can sit back and enjoy the spectacle without having to worry about disaster planning. Of course the global warming devotees and other weirdos are taking the eruption as a sign. For the climate change lot it is a sign that global warming is getting out of hand. I'm sorry but volcanoes have been erupting on this earth long before man appeared and will continue to do so long after the human race ends. Volcanoes are also one of the biggest causes of so called 'greenhouse gases' on the planet, well apart from cows, but nobody talks about getting rid of them do they? It has been calculated that the mass of particulates alone ejected, during the St Helen's eruption, in just one hour had approximately five times the mass of all the oil that man has ever been pumped from the ground. So maybe the cars are not just to blame. As for the weirdos well apparently the Celts have taken the more frequent eruptions as a sign that the world is rushing towards ending in 2013. Celts, that includes the Welsh, of which I am one. Makes me ashamed to admit it at times. However the Mayans might still get in first as according to them the earth will end in December 2012. You just couldn't make it up.