Saturday, 30 November 2013

Lunch With Laurence

Well I slept like the dead the last two nights and  have woken up this morning feeling so much better for it.

Truth be told I spent most of Friday dozing, so much so that I kept waking up and finding Smirnoff staring at me with a concerned look on his face. Unfortunately due to my churning stomach I had to put my weight gain programme on hold, it was resumed yesterday as I went to Laurence's for lunch.

Laurence was doing some DIY and required Peter's help so we were invited to lunch so we could spend some time together while Laurence got some help. So while they were doing their thing I got to sit on the settee and watch TV. They finished suprisingly quickly as the thing they thought was going to need replacing ended up just having a loose wire and was fixed in seconds.

So after a pasta lunch we said our goodbyes and headed for Tesco's as we had plenty of time to do the grocery run on the way home. This was a bonus as we thought we'd be at Laurence's all afternoon and were not looking forward to going shopping on a Saturday this close to Christmas.

One this run I bought loads of nuts, no I'm not going mad, there is a sound reason behind it.

There was an article in the paper yesterday stating which nuts were good for which ailments etc, etc. Now apart from being good for you nuts are very high in calories, just what I need at the moment. Having read the article I bought cashews because they are full of the vitamins that support your immune system and help oxygenate your blood. Perfect for someone like me who has problems in both these areas. I also got peanuts for the high fat content, I had to get them in shells though because everything else was salted, not so good for me. I also got some mixed nuts and a bag of mixed fruit too. The plan is to take a small pot in to work every day so I can nibble constantly between meals without getting full up or feeling sick. It might work, it might not but I figured it was worth a try as clearly the Maltesers are not doing their job.. There was a word of warning though. Some nuts, notably Brazils, are so rich in certain vitamins they can be poisonous if eaten in large quantities. Ideally you should only eat four or five Brazil nuts per day. Wish someone had told me day in the days when I could down a packet of twenty chocolate covered nuts in one sitting. Though to be fair I don't appear to have died so alls good.

In the news I was sadden to her about the police helicopter crashing into a pub when I woke up this morning.

So, so sad at anytime but especially so close to Christmas. The police get a lot of bad press and are actively hated by some sections of our society and media, but of course the enormous amount of good they do each year doesn't make such good headlines. These poor officers were undoubtedly on their way too or from a serious incident and should be praised for their bravery.  However I have no doubt that the pilot and the other officers who died will soon be splashed all across the papers branded careless murderers before the week is out because it has to be their fault, right? It is so expensive to run a helicopter these days some forces have had to get rid of theirs. Others only fly them in the most extreme of circumstances so these officers were probably on their way too or from saving someone's life.

The trouble is that the most vocal anti police protesters would be the first to complain if their child, relative with dementia or suicidal thoughts came to harm because a helicopter wasn't available to join in the search. I hope that the majority of people realise that underneath the uniform these officers are humans too, with families who will be grieving just as much as the families of the poor victims in the pub. And I also hope the media will stop their 'every officer is a corrupt bully' angle and show some respect for a change. Sometimes accidents just happen and no one is too blame.

Also in the news the trial of the murderers of Lee Rigby has started at the Old Bailey. The two murderers, because there is no reasonable doubt here, say they did it in order to 'get soldiers out of their country'. As they are both British they are clearly confused. These two men will not see the outside world again. It is doubtful they will last long in prison but in their twisted minds this is a good thing as they think it will turn them into martyrs. It won't but try telling them that.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

I have just one thing to say. Vincent Simone in a giant spider costume!

Oh my goodness! I very nearly cracked a rib I laughed so hard. That has to beat Matthew's bikini as the most memorable moment of the series so far.

I wish Joey hadn't been made Camp Guardian as he's bound to give Amy immunity from the first vote off, damn it!

Well time to start thinking about lunch. I was going to do toad in hole but can't be bothered this morning so we are having sausages and mash instead with lashings of onion gravy. Yum!