Sunday, 17 November 2013

Strictly Blackpool

Well after a lovely restful day I had a lovely deep sleep and woke up at ten to ten, ohps! There was a mad scramble while I changed my meds, which should have been done at six, and then I went and chilled in the bath for half an hour. I'm so glad today's lunch is all prepared and ready to go in the oven otherwise I would really be having a bit of a panic.

So now everything has calmed down again I am taking ten minutes out to write this blog and then I'll be running around with a mop and duster before Diana arrives this afternoon. Thankfully Andrew is at home this weekend, after completing a successful placement, so between the three of us it should only take half an hour to get everything straight. I will still have the ironing to do but than can wait until this evening.

I make it sound like I live in a pigsty don't I. I don't, I just like everything to be 'just so' when I have visitors. That's going to be another thing that is going to drive me mad when I come home from transplant. At least until I'm fit enough to start doing things myself again..

I'm expecting Laurence to arrive sometime in the next hour and we will all sit down to lunch together, probably the last time now until Christmas. He has taken a few days off when Jenny arrives from Australia so at least I will get to see him again between now and then. In the mean time I'm going to make the most of having my family and best friend around for the afternoon.

Strictly Watch

This week was the Blackpool edition, the home of ballroom as we are reminded as nauseam.

The thing with Blackpool is everyone gets very excited, even the judges, and tens start flying around like confetti even when they are not really deserved.

Everyone did raise their game though and Abbey and Suzanna did deserve their tens after flying around the vast floor space as though they were competing in the 100m dash. Patrick should also have got a ten for his Samba and I'm sure he would have if his partner hadn't got her dress caught on her heel and caused both to stumble.

The person who most definitely should not have got tens is Natalie.  I was stunned when the scores came in and wondered whether I'd watched an entirely different dance. There was nothing I liked about the routine at all. The music was dreadful and I thought the routine lazy. I couldn't even work out what it was supposed to be. It was a Charleston apparently. What really got to me was Natalie's hair. Clearly they only have one wig this season and are putting it on as many celebrities as possible. However what worked really well on Abbey last week definitely did not work on Natalie this week. It was jammed on so badly it resembled a swimming cap and so badly styled it looked as though she'd dipped her head in molasses. I know it was supposed to make her look like she belonged in the 1920's but all it succeeded in doing was turn a very pretty girl into a, dare a say it, very ugly one.

I don't know what it is about Natalie. The judges seem to have a blind spot as far as she is concerned and faults that would have been described in great detail if attached to any of the other celebs are conveniently overlooked. This is not only annoying it is grossly unfair, to the other contestants and Natalie herself. Judges favourites rarely make it to the top as as soon as the judges lose their Vito the public vote them out.

Not doing quite so well were Mark, Ben and Fiona, though all were told they had improved, which to be fair they had. Mark, with his bulk and knee problem, was never going to deliver a quick, crisp jive but he made a good effort. Fiona's fear of lift's showed badly and ruined what promised to be a good routine. And poor old Ben once again suffered from nerves and too much muscle.

So bottom three have to be Mark, Fiona and Ben and I suspect the dance off will be between Fiona and Mark, with Mark bowing out. However, we could be in for another shock and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the public don't put Natalie in the bottom two this week.

Right I'd better get going, floor to mop etc, etc. And tonight it's the first of the I'm a Celeb run. Three weeks of bliss here I come. Next blog Friday.