Sunday, 1 December 2013

Strictly Musical

A quiet Saturday was had by all and I spent a great deal of it catching up on all the TV I'd missed over the week, as I do most weekends these days. As soon as we hit the last weekend in November that is it for us as far as shopping on a Saturday is concerned. I get a bit panicky in crowds at the best of times and being on my trike makes me feel more so. As for trying to find somewhere to park, well.

So we go out on a Friday, if we go out at all, and all our Christmas shopping is done online. This could be why I've missed the Christmas buzz these last few years but at the moment I have little choice. Maybe next year will be different and I won't care how far away from the shops we park or how busy it is. Maybe I'll be able to rough it with everyone else. What a joy that would be.

Seriously folks if you want to do something for me this Christmas that won't cost you a penny. Please say a little prayer that I get my transplant soon and, if you haven't already, sign up to the organ donation list.

Andrew is home this weekend. He only has two weeks left in college and then only six months before he qualifies as a fully fledged Paramedic. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. It seems like only yesterday we were anxiously waiting for his A level results. Now he's almost finished university. How did that happen? Of course he will still need to be mentored for a year but at least they will be paying him not the other way around.

In exactly one week and one day I will get to see my Australian cousin Jenny for the first time in almost twenty years. I am so excited, I'm bouncing around like a two year old. Goodness knows what I'm going to be like next weekend. All I can say is expect a blog full of gibberish, well more gibberish than usual, because that's probably what you'll get.

Strictly Watch

Well after last week's disappointing performances everyone appears to have upped their game. The result was a fabulous programme which I (almost) loved from start to finish. Even Brucie seemed more with it than usual. Yes it was Musicals week and nearly everyone gave performances that would not have looked out of place in the original films.

Abbie got the first perfect score of the series and it was throughly well deserved. Dancing to 'You Should Be Dancing' by the BeeGees. Not only did they look like seventies icons but they were dance perfect too. Abbie is now a clear candidate to win but she's not on her own.

Patrick danced a Charleston to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and came second on the leader borad. He was fast and light on his feet and for me should also have been given a perfect score. Unfortunately Craig appears to have a problem with Patrick and only gave him an eight. However second from top is not a bad place to be and I think he will also be in the finals. It is who joins these two in the final that is now in doubt.

Bottom two this week were Mark, yet again, for heavens sake give the man a break! I like Mark very much. He can move well for such a big man and no one can match his performance, which is never over the top. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Suzanna who is so over the top with her facial expressions they are beginning to distract from the actual dancing. Suzanna started the series really well and I was quite hopeful but somewhere along the line she has decided that it is performance, not technique, that will get her through. Sadly she is mistaken and after completely messing up her foot work found herself in the bottom two.

Slipping down the leader board at a steady pace is Natalie, whose place in the final is now threatened by Ashley and Sophie. The trouble with Natalie is that she started really well but has failed to progress much and now the others, who have worked like stink, are catching her up and overtaking her. Natalie in my opinion, and it is only MY opinion, is rather too smug and has become complacent. Out of all the other competitors, who chose crowd pleasing upbeat numbers from well loved musicals, Natalie alone went for a rather depressing unknown number. Unfortunately for her the crowd and viewers expect a bit of showbiz razzmatazz on musicals week and Natalie failed to deliver. Even the judges were unusually critical this week, which surprised me as usually Natalie cannot do any wrong. Of course she was not helped by arrogant Artem who decided not to put a lot of hold in his American Smooth. About time he realised it's about Natalie not him and he shouldn't be taking chances with her. If she doesn't make it to the final he will be as much to blame as her, if not more so.

So top for me were Abbie and Patrick. Bottom two has to be Mark and Suzanna and I doubt Mark will survive a fourth visit to the dance off. However I would not be at all surprised to see Natalie there, I think a trip to the dance off might actually do her some good.

Right, better go, quiche today and I haven't done any prep yet. Next blog Friday unless something else hits me out of the blue.