Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sweet Charity

I can be so dopey sometimes it even scares me!

It had completely bypassed me that yesterday was Children in Need day and so everywhere I'd go I'd find people behaving like complete idiots and trying to mug me for money.

Now I'm not adverse to charity. It goes without saying that I give regularly to heart, transplant and PH charities. I buy most of my reading material from charity shops and therefore contribute to other charities this way, and I always, always give my small change to the man selling the Big Issue outside Tesco's. I give because there is no pressure whereas Children in Need, and Red Nose Day for that matter, is charity at gunpoint.

If you can get over the slight whiff from the fact that the biggest children's charity event is hosted by the BBC, an organisation that seems to have been completely staffed by sex offenders during the seventies and eighties, then good for you. I find it a bit, well, uncomfortable and spent the short time I did watch it expecting Sir Terry to be dragged off stage by the flying squad at any moment. The whole thing is too bright, too loud and far too pleased with itself.

So yesterday I set out totally oblivious to do my shopping. Tesco's was quiet it was normal, it gave no clue as to what was to come. In fact it was so quiet we whizzed around and got out in record time. Then we made the big mistake of hitting Costco.

We were greeted at the door by a large green crayon and things sort of went down hill from there. Within minutes of entering the store we were accosted by a man  in a tatty fur onesie carrying a bucket who announced cheerfully that he was Fred Bear 'threadbare, get it?' Yes I do, it's not funny, move on. Further along we were stopped again. This time by a grossly overweight Mr Spock, he's really let himself go since Captain Picard took over, who rattled his bucket menacingly and glared at me as though I'd just drowned a kitten when I said I had no spare change. I was telling the truth, I hadn't, I'd given it all the man outside Tesco's. By the time I watched disconsolately as a six foot penguin scanned my shopping I never wanted to hear the words 'Children in Need' again.

Of course my torture was far from over as I realised when settling down to watch TV. I did see one good bit before I turned off and that was the Harry Hill take on Aha's famous pencil drawing video. After that I watched Poirot  and sobbed my heart out for the second time this week. There's nothing like a good TV death to keep me happy.

Today I've got the unpleasant task of writing a letter of complaint regarding my treatment by the new doctor. I've been urged by several people to also complain to the GMC. I am still considering that one but I have passed her report, which states among other things that I am still waiting for an appointment for transplant, to my specialist teams at the Brompton and Papworth . I know for a fact that Carl will have an attack of apoplexy when he reads it.

After that I've got the boring task of unpacking and sorting out my drug delivery. Not an easy task when you have five big boxes to pack away. Thankfully Peter is home today so it should get done a little quicker this time around. Then I can relax and enjoy my day. I'm planning feet up and a good film followed by a bit of baking and then preparing a lasagna for lunch tomorrow as Laurence is coming over. This evening, after Strictly of course, it will be another film fest, possible accompanied by a small glass of cider as a treat.

Sunday I have lots to look forward too. Laurence is joining us for lunch and then Diana is coming over in the afternoon for a good old gossip and the day will be neatly topped off with the first episode of this year's I'm a Celebrity. What better way to round off the weekend.