Sunday, 10 November 2013

Strictly Remembrance

I woke up this morning and enjoyed a quiet hour with a cup of tea and the papers before indulging in a bath bomb. I'm now more or less set for the day and smelling delicious, if I do say so myself.

So what's in store for me today? Well apart from the usual ironing and getting ready for work tomorrow, not much. The sun is shining and I did consider a bit of gardening but it is so cold out there and the ground is really wet so I don't think it is going to happen. However I might just manage, with some help, to trim back the brambles that have started to take over. It is very nice having fresh blackberries growing in your garden but they do not compensate for the prickly little blighters popping up everywhere.

I've decided that if I don't have my transplant over the winter I'm going to get a man in to get the garden back into shape as I can't stand it anymore and Peter and the boys can never spare more than a day at a time. It is going to take at least a week of intensive work to sort it out by my reckoning, something even post transplant I won't be able to do on my own.

Yesterday we had a lovely lazy day in and watched a film while sipping on wine and nibbling on crisps. I love these sort of stay at home days. I find them really relaxing and it's just nice to spend time alone with Peter. We don't get much of that as when we are both off we usually have things we need to do.

Today is Remembrance Sunday and along with millions of other people across Britain I will be silent for two minutes come eleven o'clock. I read in the paper that some are calling for the end of ceremonies, such as the Cenotaph parade, as there are not that many left who can remember the wars. Really? Well my mum remembers it all too well as she live through it. I will admit that a lot of the men and women who fought in the war are no longer with us but it wasn't just their war. What about the children they left behind, did they not experience the war too?

Also Remembrance Sunday has become more than just a service to remember the two world wars. It gives the nation the chance to remember all those who have died in conflicts that have come after these wars. Now you may not agree with what has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan or the Falklands, I certainly don't, but surely our anger and disgust should be reserved for the politicians who sent out troops into war, mostly on lies at that, not for the brave men and women who are dying because some egomaniac thinks he's God. As long as there are soldiers dying in the service of our country I think the Cenotaph ceremony, and the hundreds of others across the country, should stay. It is just one day, what is the harm?

Strictly Watch

Has Bruno got something personal against Hairy Dave? His attack was so vitriolic and so personal I thought it was completely out of proportion to what happened during the dance. By the shock on Dave's face and the gasps of the audience they all thought so too. Dave did ballroom this week, which meant he was in hold, which meant he got better scores. All the other judges, including the acerbic Craig, saw improvement. So what was wrong with Bruno? Maybe his corns were pinching.

With the weekend being without a 'theme' we could all get back to the business of dancing. And I have to say I found it a lot more enjoyable than last week. Everyone seemed to have upped their game apart from poor Mark, who got a roasting from all four judges and looked suitably crestfallen.

There were two people missing this week. One was Sir Bruce, who was taking a scheduled break, one of two this series, in order to get ready for next week's visit to Blackpool's famous ballroom. The other was Natalie.

We were told that she was taken ill in dress rehearsals and would not be taking part. Mmmmm highly suspicious in view of rumours that she is unpopular with viewers and could well have ended up in the bottom two this week. Unfortunately there is something unlikeable about Natalie. She is too good and far too smug about it. I also think having someone like Natalie in the show, where she is tipped to win from the first week, makes for a boring show as proved by last night. Without Natalie the fight for top spot was on and how well they fought. However, having said all that I wouldn't want Natalie to have to leave through ill health. I hope that whatever ails her is not serious and she returns to dance again next week.

So back to the others. I was so impressed with Patrick, who rightfully claimed top spot. Suzanna, Abbey, despite that awful wig, and Ben also shined for me. The person who is no longer impressing me that much is Sophie. She is impossibly laid back and although that works well in the Charleston, for example, for dances that require a bit of fire in them she comes over as 'can't be bothered'. If she doesn't pep herself up at bit I can see her heading for the bottom two.

So top for me, well it's obvious, Patrick Suzanna, Abbey and Ben.

In danger of the dance off, Mark, who has lost some of him mojo recently. Hairy Dave, just because he wasn't quiet so funny this week, and Fiona, more for Anton's mistake rather than hers. Though I would like to see Anton reach December as I don't think he's ever made it past Blackpool, has he?

Back to work tomorrow so next blog Friday.