Friday, 1 November 2013

Least Haunted

Well what happened there?

Not one call at our door, in fact not one call at anyone's door as far as I can tell. Where there used to be hoards of kids beating a path to our door, this year the streets remained quiet. There was just no one about.
Peter thinks the lack of pumpkin might have been to blame, possible but that doesn't explain the empty streets. My theory is that the growing belief that 'every stranger is a paedophile' is the most likely cause. The growing trend is for Halloween parties where overanxious mothers can keep a firm eye on their little darlings. This suits me fine as it means less and less pensioners will be terrorised in their own homes. However what's good for the elderly doesn't translate as good for the kids. We are in serious danger of breeding a generation incapable of distinguishing safe from danger because they've never had to work it out for themselves. Why not let your kids out trick or treating but go with them? Sounds like a simple compromise to me. Let the kids enjoy the thrill of knocking on strangers doors in the dark while mum or dad watch from the pavement ensuring no bad behaviour on either side. Or is that too simple?

I am feeling a lot better and my appetite has returned. By eight last night I was ravenous and so tucked into a treacle toffee pudding. Pure comfort food I know but as I have barely eaten all week and am supposed to be putting weight on I think I can be forgiven. I'm currently working on the 'eat what you fancy' principle and so for lunch we are having a rare fry up. Amazingly I don't appear to have dropped any weight but I must admit I'm avoiding the scales, at least until I'm eating properly again.

Emotionally I'm also doing well. I managed a whole day without tears. I did have a wobble though when Svet presented me with two little toys she'd made herself. One was clearly a 'Tarmac' the other a 'Smirnoff'. They are now taking pride of place on my bedside table and the little black and white one got a cuddle when I went to bed. To be honest I'm not as sad about Tarmac as I thought I'd be. Now the shock has worn off I know I made the right call and I'd been expecting it. After all a year ago I was told he had weeks but I got almost a whole year extra and 99.9% of that was in good health.

The other comfort is Smirnoff who seems to be taking over where Tarmac left off. Although he did not sit on my lap last night he lay pressed up against my thigh and allowed me to stroke him. This morning he stalked up the bed and sat on my newspaper, something Tarmac used to do if he thought I was dawdling with breakfast. Last night Smirnoff sat on my bedside table and watched me read. Now I don't know whether Smirnoff is missing Tarmac. He must know something is different because he isn't being bounced on by a Tarmac wanting to play. Unfortunately Smirnoff always took these advances the wrong way and it would end in a fight with Tarmac looking confused as to what he'd done to offend. Who knows what Smirnoff's feeling but he certainly knows something is different.

It is a week now since my trip to Pizza Hut and as yet I have heard absolutely nothing. I'm giving them until Monday and will then follow up with an even angrier letter. I might even mention 'newspaper' in the text and see if that provokes a reaction.

Today I received my information pack on my new drug 'Veletri'. It looks a lot less complicated to make up then the Flolan and has made me want it even more. I had to laugh at the 'how to do it' DVD though. As if I didn't know how to wield a syringe after two years but I guess some will be going straight onto this drug so it sort of makes sense to include it. January seems an age away.

This weekend Strictly do their Halloween show and having watched a few of the 'It Take Two' programmes on BBC 2 I think it is going to be brilliant. For a start Hairy Dave is doing the Jive, which will be an absolute joy. I can't wait!

So I have a bucket of sweets to get through and Jesus Christ Superstar to entertain me, the double cassette also landed on my doorstep this morning. Settee, here I come!