Saturday, 23 November 2013

Trying To Get Into the Christmas Spirit.

The shops are full of tasty morsels to tempt the palate and muzak to annoy the hell out of you.

Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping. Woo hoo, I think! To be fair I am a grumpy soul when it comes to Christmas, especially when this is the second year I'll be working right through it.

I so remember the excitement and anticipation of the build up to Christmas that made each year of my youth so special. We were poor, and I don't mean poor in today's sense where you have no food on the table but can afford a 50 inch TV, ipads etc, etc. My mother scrimped and saved throughout the whole year to give us a decent meal and some presents but we were always delighted with the end result.

I remember coming home from school and smelling the pudding or mince pies that were made early and then stored for the big day. I remember decorating the tree whilst watching a Christmas film, usually White Christmas or The Sound of Music and the tree was always real and threadbare by Boxing Day. It was fun and my heart sung from the joy of it all.

When we got married we would return home for Christmas each year and divide our time between both families, so effectively having a double Christmas. Then our own children started to arrive so going 'home' became impracticable and we made our own Christmas. I followed the pattern of my mother and made as much as I could myself. Not restrained by the financial difficulties of the past we started buying ready made this and that and eventually I found I was buying everything and doing nothing for myself. I'd attempt mince pies but not being a natural with pasty they tended to resemble bullets so I gave in as Tesco did a much better job than I every could.

As the boys got older and Christmas became more commercialised it began to lose it's magic until in 2013 it has become more shopping opportunity than a religious festival or indeed a chance to spend time catching up with the relatives. And so it was that yesterday, whilst deafened by 'Jingle All The Way' I made my first Christmas purchases. Although we will not be together on the actual day, we are going to spend a couple of days together so it will be a good time to indulge a little.

The first thing I saw was a copy of White Christmas on DVD for three pounds, well I just had to have it. Peter and Andrew groaned loudly but I will play it when on my own wrapping presents. If that doesn't get me into the Christmas spirit I don't know what will.

The second thing I bought was some Crabbies Ginger Beer. I normally love this stuff  but have never tried the flavoured ones before. As it was on special offer four bottles were bought to try. I reasoned that if we liked it we could get a few bottles in our favourite flavours as a treat. I absolutely loved the Raspberry one, it is even better than the original but I'd forget the Strawberry and Lime if I were you, yuk!. Guess what will be landing in my shopping basket next week. The only worry I have is whether I can keep my hands off it until Christmas.

Next week the shopping begins in earnest as I really have to knuckle down and start spending money. And I've decided to give the mince pies a go again. Wish me luck!

Today will be a very quiet day in. Apart from the ironing I don't plan to move my bottom from the settee unless it is for calls of nature and food. There is a reason for this, I'm shattered. After a week of really good sleeps it really hits you badly when you have a bad one. Four o'clock I was up this morning and I made the fatal mistake of going back to sleep at six which means I'm going to have a thick, achy head all day. I just hope tonight will be better or Sunday will be a complete daze.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

Fortunately we got to see a lot less of Joey's teeth yesterday but unfortunately more of Amy's. Amy proved to be surprisingly cool and confident during the trail and brought home seven stars, thus ensuring she won't be voted to do anymore. After all the public don't want to see someone doing well, they want these people to suffer for goodness sake!

Possibly sight of the series, and definitely not one I want to see again, was Matthew in a white bikini. My eyes! My eyes! Unfortunately it is an image that will be sticking with me for some time.

Yesterday also saw the arrival of two more camp mates, we know who they are but the rest of the camp doesn't, yet.

Annabel Giles is going to cause problems and is probably going to be voted to do a lot of trails. However I think she will be beaten into second place by dancer Vincent Simone, yes him off Strictly. Vincent is even more of a wimp than Matthew and screamed louder than Annabel when joined by cockroaches and rats, or as he charmingly put it 'mouses'. All I can say is Joey had better watch out because Vincent will most certainly make a beeline for Amy when he sets eyes on her. Could be interesting.

Well time to be thinking about lunch, stir fry with noodles today. I feel I need a veggie hit big time.