Sunday, 24 November 2013

Didn't We Have A Lovely Time, The Day We Went To Norwich

I love my husband very dearly but there are times I could murder him.

Take today for instance. He'd bought something of ebay that needed collecting, not normally a problem. However the something was big so needed to be collected in my car, as I have a hatchback and seats that fold down, and the only day both parties could meet up before Christmas was today. And so it was that I found myself being dragged out of bed at 0730 this morning, my last chance of a lie in before the new working week, in order to get to Norwich by eleven.

To be fair he did say he would go on his own if I didn't want to go along but, you hear so many stories about people getting their cars stolen or having their wallets taken when meeting to exchange products bought on ebay, I really couldn't refuse. I have no idea what use I'd be in that sort of crisis, what could I do? Wheeze on them perhaps, but an extra pair of eyes is always useful.

The roads were quiet, it being a SUNDAY, and we arrived at our destination dead on time. I then sat in the car for half an hour while Peter and the bloke he was meeting had a long discussion about cars, what else, before loading the something into the back of my car. The something turned out to be a set of leather seats Peter was intending to put in his own car, as the fabric ones are beginning to show their age.

The journey back was more stressful as the rest of Britain had woken up and all seemed intent on travelling on the A14. We stopped just outside Papworth for a bite to eat at a roadside cafe, and it turned out to be nicer than expected.

So I'm sitting here with a nice cuppa awaiting the start of the Grand Prix and the reason for the early start. Yes we had to get back in time to watch it.

I took a chance and weighed myself yesterday and was so disappointed to find I've lost again and am now firmly under eight stone again. Short of eating packets of lard I don't know what else I can do. A friend suggested a food diary as she thinks I might be eating less than I think I am. This might actually be a very good idea and so I'm starting one tomorrow when I'm following my normal routine.

Strictly Watch

The judges started to really nit pick this week. With only four weeks to the semi's it is only fair that minor infringements and mistakes should not be ignored any longer. However it seems the judges are more willing to nit pick some dancers more than others.

My favourite this week was Ben with his Charleston. It was fast, funny and the audience really enjoyed it. Not so the judges who took turns to slaughter him. I really do not know what their problem is with Ben, it seems to me they have collectively decided to hate him. Another in the firing line was Suzanna who again danced well but evidently not good enough. She was gracious about her scores but you could see she was disappointed.

Someone who really should start listening to the judges is dull Sophie. I think after her Charleston things have slipped dramatically and all the dances look the same. She has a rather unexpressive face which doesn't help and dances as though it is all too much effort. However no matter how many times she's told this and says she will try, ultimately the result is the same. I seriously think Sophie's days are numbered.

Teacher's pet Natalie still managed a ten despite a rather lack lustre tango. The judges were right, there was very little passion and she messed up a few step but the still give her a ten. How?

So top, for me anyway, Ben, Patrick and Mark. At the bottom, Sophie, Natalie and Suzanna. However I think it will be Ben and Mark in the bottom two, with possibly Mark going this week. Of course the ideal would be Sophie and Natalie but I think we will have to wait until the public call the shots before getting rid of either of them.