Friday, 8 November 2013

All Things PH.

Well it is two whole weeks since my disastrous visit to Pizza Hut and not a peep from them. I haven't had today's post yet but I'm not holding out any hope. I think the time has come for a more forceful letter if nothing splats onto my mat later today.

I'm including in my blog today a poster that I think is probably the most effective one I've every seen regarding transplant. It really brings home what transplant is all about is a simple and effective way. See what you think.

Following my mention of the world record in yesterday's blog the organiser, and driving force, behind the attempt contacted me to say they are thinking of going for another record in 2014. This is fabulous news, nothing better than a world record to raise awareness and keep PH in the public conciousness. I'm already planning what I'm going to do. If it goes ahead I have no doubt you will hear through the various PH supports groups but if not watch this blog, and I will keep you updated with progress and with details of how you can take part. Unfortunately I was quite poorly during the attempt last year and so couldn't go out and do what I wanted to do. This time around I'm hoping to be well enough to do a lot more.

Day by day Smirnoff is becoming more and more affectionate. He hasn't reached Tarmac levels yet but he's getting there. He follows me around the house and 'chatters' to me with a variety of mews, clicks and whistles. I worry that he is lonely but I am reluctant to introduce new kittens as I think it would be all out war.

The pain of Tarmac's passing has diminished enough now that I can remember him with a smile and laughter and yes, I have been thinking of the future. I saw a friend's cat on Facebook and though it had a lovely sweet face and I found myself considering the possibility of getting a similar animal. At the moment though it wouldn't be fair on Smirnoff or any new kitten to introduce a new cat now. I would be looking for a Tarmac replacement and I know I would be very disappointed if the new kitty did not have some of Tarmac's character. Smirnoff is just getting used to being a single cat and is obviously unsettled so I don't want to add to that.

Yesterday I spent a good deal of my time on the phone trying to change an appointment at the Brompton. It is such a pity that a hospital with such wonderful medical staff is so badly let down by the incompetence of their administration staff.

My original appointment was for the 27th December, approximately three weeks before my appointment at Papworth on the 17th January. My appointments have been approximately three to four weeks apart since I went on the list. It works very well because Papworth get all my latest test results before they see me making it easier for me and for them as nothing has to be repeated. So when a letter arrived cancelling my December appointment and giving me a date of 24th January I got on the phone. It took ten minutes to get through to the appointments clerk who was less than sympathetic. After a long discussion and at least two explanations as to why I needed an appointment before my Papworth date she decided she couldn't help. So I was passed to the PH secretary who wasn't in. I left a message on the answer phone explaining my situation and hung up not expecting much. Lo and behold I got a call back about an hour later from someone who totally understood where I was coming from and said she would sort it. She also offered to rebook my ECHO as that was also on the 27th. Just goes to show sometimes attitude is everything.

While writing this blog the post arrived. Nothing from Pizza Hut so watch this space.

What has arrived is the booking for form next year's conference. Now so far, for a variety of reasons, I've never been able to go. I've either had something else on, been unable to get time off or been ill. This time there is no clash and I no longer work weekends so the only fly in the ointment is my health. I'm being optimistic and sending my form in by return of post. Fingers crossed again.

Oh well I'd better get my glad rags on, or at least get out of my PJ's and prepare for the hell of the weekly shop. If someone ever invents a self filling fridge I'd be immensely grateful.