Thursday, 28 November 2013


Well as you can probably guess by the fact that I'm posting on a Thursday, something is wrong.

Thankfully though it has nothing to do with my heart, lungs or PH. I woke up about five this morning and the room was spinning. I felt sick and I had a terrible headache. I stumbled downstairs and grabbed a couple of paracetamol and returned to bed waiting for it to work. By six, my usual getting up time, I knew I wasn't going to make it so hit the off button on the alarm and closed my eyes again. By seven I was coherent enough to call work and let them know I was not going to be in but listening to my supervisor on the end of the phone brought fresh waves of pain as he shouted back at me. He wasn't it just felt like it. Back to bed I went feeling decidedly worse than when I got up.

Now I have suffered from Migraine all my adult life and like most sufferers have found that early intervention tends to fend the worst symptoms off. Normally a migraine for me these days amounts to nothing more than bright flashing lights and a slight headache, I can usually carry on right through them. However, when they come in during sleep they are deadly as I don't notice anything wrong until I wake up, and by then it is too late to do anything. I just have to lie down in a dark, silent room and wait for it to pass. Fortunately for me the early paracetamol did help and by nine I was able to sit up and have a cup of tea to wash down another couple of pills. They finished it off and by ten I was feeling much better, although a tad spaced out. I will feel 'unbalanced' for the rest of the day so will be taking it very easy and hopefully sleeping lots.

So what caused this little episode? Well wouldn't you know it! After saying I'd been having such good nights last week, I had the exact opposite this week. Most nights I've been in bed by ten but unable to drop off until the early hours and I've been waking around five. I've been getting around three hours a night since Sunday. It has also been quite a busy week at work so combine the two and you have a sleep deprived and stressed out Hazel. Hopefully now I'm off for the weekend I can relax a bit and catch up.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

I've been recording this so I can watch it without adverts and the constant phone reminders so, for me anyway, it is a far shorter and far more entertaining programme.

However things are not going to plan this year. The trialists have been very good and Amy, Joey, Kian and Matthew have all returned to camp with a high number of stars ensuring the camp is not going hungry. Remember last year with Helen? They were just about ready to throw her in the pot by this point. Instead we have a group of, mostly, happy, well fed camp mates.

There have also been tears, as there always are halfway through, but not as many as usual. Alfonso, Kian, Matthew, Laila, Amy and Rebecca have all had a good cry for various reasons but no one has expressed a desire to go home.

Joey 'I can count' Essex is proving to be a dim (the jury is still out as too how much is an act) but very pleasant young man. He gets stuck in, doesn't moan and, although he didn't know an Emu was a bird, is very watchable.

Amy by contrast is proving to be a bit of a manipulative little madam. She seems to think her role in camp is to lie around looking pretty. This has annoyed her camp mates who have cajoled, hinted and told her to do more around camp. Amy never offers to do anything. She has to be told or asked and then she will do the task as poorly as possible. For instance Lucy was gathering logs and coming back with armfuls. She asked Amy to help, which she did after a bit of primping, and returned with two small sticks stating that was all she could find. Resentment boiled over into a row last night and Amy, after having a little cry about being picked on, fought back by stating she had done something. She'd brought Annabel's food to her. It will soon be time to start voting people out and I predict Amy might well be one of the first out.

Rebecca is causing controversy because she has been ruled out of a couple of trials on 'medical grounds'. Speculation is rife and the vitriol horrendous. Poor Rebecca, she has done something very few of us would even dream of achieving, twice, and still she can do no right.  I don't care why she has been ruled out of tasks, she is not the first, nor will she be the last. She has clearly kept the reason to herself to avoid the sympathy vote and frankly it is none of our business anyway.  She has received all manner of insults over this and yet when she is put up for trials she doesn't get voted to do it. Puzzling don't you think.

So half way through who do I think will win. Well I think Kian would be my first choice followed by Lucy, Laila and Rebecca. Personally I would love Rebecca to win it but in my heart I know she won't. As long as she survives longer than Amy, I'll be happy.

Right I've been called down for lunch and then it is back to bed for a couple of hours.