Friday, 15 November 2013

Science And Intrigue

Well it has been a bit of a week all in all. Thankfully I have come through it mostly unscathed but I do not wish to repeat the experience. Unfortunately I can't tell you about any of it as things are still ongoing but watch this space.

One of the things I can say is that I came across another doctor who was totally ignorant of PH and told me I just had 'high blood pressure'. So sitting there with my oxygen and pump on doesn't indicate something a bit more serious? I also had to explain that you didn't get appointments for heart/lung transplants and by then was rapidly losing the will to live.

Now I can almost forgive a GP for not knowing about PH. It is so rare that even those in the medical profession are not aware of it unless they have come across it before. Not knowing how transplantation works though is an entirely different kettle of fish. I suppose part of the problem is that living donors for kidney's and partial livers are becoming more common and for these, of course, you are going to be given a date. However I don't think anyone, no matter how generous of spirit, is going to offer you their heart as a living donation.

It also kicked off on the PHA group this week and what was the argument about? Religion or more accurately what people believe. I've said it once and I'll say it again, never discuss religion or politics on the Internet, or anywhere else really, it will always end in a fight.

My efforts to change my appointment at the Brompton are ongoing. Honestly how hard can it be to arrange for me to be seen BEFORE my Papworth appointment as requested? Things were further complicated yesterday when I received a letter moving my ECHO to the 24th Jan, which again is AFTER my Papworth appointment. Now I'd requested my ECHO remain on the 27th December so even if my clinic appointment couldn't be changed as least Papworth would have that result. ARRRGGGHHH!!!  So I called Brompton this morning and explained my predicament once again and once again they said they will look into it and get back to me, I'm not expecting anything. Best not too, saves the disappointment.

Today I'm stuck inside waiting for my drug delivery. I so hate having my Friday's ruined by this ritual but it has to be done. However I'm putting the time to good use as I'm washing all the clothing, bedding and towels. I was going to run around with the duster and mop the floors but as Diana is coming over on Sunday I've decided to delay that until Sunday morning as everything will be covered in muddy paw prints again if I do it now.

Smirnoff has become even more loving this week, he very nearly sat on my lap last night but in the end settled for being half on and half off. Every night when I get home from work he sits on the bed as I'm changing out of my uniform and 'chatters' to me. This change in behaviour is very strange but very welcomed and has helped enormously in dulling the pain of Tarmac's loss.

It is now only three weeks until my cousin arrives from Australia and I'm getting more and more excited. I'm pleased to say that I have even managed to get some time off work. I originally applied for the whole four days as a block but was refused. So I've applied for one day at a time and have so far got two individual days for that week granted. Why they have allowed me two individual days instead of a block request of four I have no idea but clearly getting leave by stealth works. And who am I to argue? I'll be trying for the other two next week.

I am currently watching Masterchef the Professionals and loving every minute of it. I did despair though at one of the skills tests. Remember these are professional chefs who do this stuff for a living. The test was to make a gnocchi, basically little potato dumplings made with flour and egg, and a sauce to serve them in. Now I buy mine for convenience but have made them in the past and will do in the future if it is a special occasion. Never once have I got myself in the sort of mess these chefs did. Not one of them got it completely right and one was so awful the judge has to spit it out. However this sort of programme is right up my street and I love seeing the beautiful designs they come up with. Some plates of food look more like works of art and it's pity to eat them.

Another programme that was right up my street was last night's lecture by Prof Brian Cox about the science of Dr. Who. The subject itself was fascinating but did we really need various celebs to take part in experiments? Did we? Although I enjoyed the programme I have to say I prefered Brian when he was in D:Ream.

However my second favourite programme of all time starts on Sunday. Yes, I'm A Celebrity  is back! As yet I've no idea who is going to be in it this year, and frankly I'd like to keep it that way as I love surprises. So for the next three weeks, between I'm A Celeb and Strictly, I'm going to be one very, very happy lady.

Well my delivery is here so I'd better check it and then I'm off to tackle Tesco, joy!