Saturday, 9 November 2013

Carpet Wars

Well that was very strange night indeed.

It started off well enough. We had pizza, watched some TV, went to bed, read a book and then went to sleep. The problems started around one when I sat up in bed shaking. I'd just dreamt that I was in hospital and being prepped for surgery. I could see every detail of the theatre, and the nurses as clear as day. The problem I had was I had no idea how I'd got there and couldn't find my phone to alert anyone. For some reason I was there on my own and convinced no one knew where I was. I began to panic and the nurses tried to assure me that they would let my relatives know if I'd just lie back and let them get on with their job.

Of course that was the end of my night's sleep. Every time I closed my eyes the panic welled up again and I was back in that theatre. Now it could have been the late night pizza that was to blame or just being on the waiting list messing with my head. Either way it is going to be a rather subdued Saturday.

Our trip out shopping was fun. As you know we have redecorated our bathroom but we are still at logger heads over the new flooring. We agree that we want vinyl rather than ceramic tiles, which would be too cold or carpet, which would be permanently damp. Vinyl would be warm underfoot, easy to clean and easy to lift should any problems occur needing access to the pipes under the floorboards. The sticking point is the colour. The bathroom is pale, dare I say it, almost clinical in appearance. No problem there, I like the clean crisp look, but it does look rather cold. So I'm looking for a rich russet red to add warmth, and match the towels. Peter is rather taken with black to add a modern contrast, so the discussion is still ongoing as neither of us has found exactly what they want yet. It has been going on for so long now that I suspect the first to do so will get their way as we are both rather fed up.

Yesterday we decided to bite the bullet and go looking for a solution. We didn't find one but we throughly enjoyed the trawl through various DIY and carpet shops. On the plus side we found, both liked, and bought some gorgeous tiles for the cloakroom, next on the spruce up list. Then we spent around half an hour debating whether a vinyl tile was russet or brown. I maintained it was brown but it is always difficult to tell under shop lighting. Unable to agree we left it. So with Dunstable exhausted we are moving on to the north side of the county next week.

I am giving Pizza Hut one last chance as in fairness I didn't send my letter of complaint until the Saturday so if nothing arrives today I will be composing a second letter. I'm just in the mood.

I bought Smirnoff a tin of sardines as a treat yesterday and the greedy little boy ate the whole lot. He is now sleeping it off under the bed in the spare room. Peter's delighted as it means he isn't on the desk bothering him and is urging me to do the same next week.

It is dull and wet outside and once again I'm frustrated at not being able to sort out the garden. Every time we have a lovely sunny dry day we have something on. When we both have time on our hands it rains. Rotten English weather! Next weekend I won't care what it does because my friend Diana is popping over for a gossip and a cuppa. We haven't seen each other for a few months now, we've both been busy, and I miss her.

My booking form for next year's PH conference is all filled in ready to go, all I've got to do is buy a stamp. I know it is a bit of a risk booking something so far ahead. Who knows what the next six months will bring. However I'm willing to take the risk as my new motto is not to put off doing things because you will only live to regret it. If my transplant happens before then, well maybe I will be on the road to recovery so will still be able to attend. If it doesn't then I won't have missed out on anything.

Tonight it's Strictly Come Dancing and I've heard some rumours that Hairy Dave is being encouraged to throw in the towel so that better dancers don't get chucked out ahead of him. How unsporting! It is not Dave's fault that the nation loves an underdog. And why should he fall on his sword? Yes there are better dancers than him but they are so dull. I much prefer to watch someone trying their best and making small improvements than watching someone who has found it easy from the start and doesn't improve. I know! I know! It's a dance competition, but if you want competitors to be judged purely on their dancing prowess don't use celebrities. If you do then you have to put up with it being a bit of a popularity contest. And to be quite honest if Dave and Mark leave then it will be a duller competition.

In the news I was grabbed by a story from my home town Aberystwyth.

Now Aberystwyth is a coastal town and therefore is know to be a little, well, windy. In fact I have never know Aber to have a day without any wind. So you would think it was one of the perfect places to put a wind turbine. The Welsh Assembly certainly thought so and erected one costing 48k near their officers in the town. The only problem is that the offices are as far away from the coast as you can get and still be in Aberystwyth. It is also in one of the most sheltered parts of the town. They were warned that it would not be in the right position but went ahead anyway and up it went. Now it has been revealed that this monstrosity is generating only an average of £5.28 of electricity a MONTH! You couldn't make it up.

Well time to relax with the paper and a cuppa before lunch. It is cawl today and it is simmering away in the slow cooker. As always I'd prepared it last night and planned to turn the machine at around seven this morning, no problem as Peter is usually up as six. However he slept through and the machine wasn't turned on until eight so it will be a late lunch but well worth it.