Friday, 22 November 2013

In The Land of the Teeth.

Well another day, another dollar so they say. By some miracle I've made it through another week of work relatively unscathed. I'm particularly grateful to two of my work colleagues who made strenuous efforts not to pass on their colds this week. Thanks so much girls, your consideration means a lot to me.

I am pleased to say I've had a week of sleeping really well. I've had no difficulty dropping off and have not woken up around two and lain awake for hours. As a result I'm feeling quite perky. Now normally I'd celebrate this feeling but history shows that it's just when I'm feeling my best that disaster strikes. So although I'm happy to be feeling this well I'm not taking anything for granted and am being very, very careful. I'm going through antibacterial hand wash like it's water.

Only six weeks until I won't have to do this every night

Another week has passed and it is four weeks since my original complaint to Pizza Hut and two since my follow up. Clearly they do not want to talk to me and I'm at a loss as to where to go from here. Rest assured though I will think of something. I'll let you know what when I've got it.

I did receive some good news in the post this week though.

I'm booked into the Brompton as a day patient on 7th January to swap my Flolan over to Veletri. This solves my appointment problem too as they will do my ECHO and all the usual tests while I am there. OK it is only a week before my Papworth appointment but it is still before and they will fast track the results to Papworth so nothing has to be repeated. Phew! Thank goodness for that!  I'm still a bit disappointed that my meds will continue to interfere with my plans this Christmas but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As from January daily drug prep will take ten minutes rather than the forty it does now. OK, I know it means I'm going to have to spend an hour or so making up the meds on a Sunday afternoon, I've chosen that day because it is the only day we very rarely go out, but I'll swap a couple of hours for getting 30 minutes back each day very gladly. It means we can go out in the evening on a whim again. It means we can go to the theatre without me having to spend a week gradually bringing my change over time forward to accommodate the show start time. It also means I can have lovely long lie ins without worry about my meds running out as I'll only have to change the cassette once a day rather than twice.

I know some of you are probably thinking 'well if making up the meds at night is such a problem why not do it in the morning?' Well the problem is that I'm still working. I already get up at six every morning to get into work on time and I do not intend getting up at five just to make up my drugs. Oh I've just realised! The new drug will also give me an extra ten minutes in bed on a work day. What's not to love?

Of course the absolute ideal would be getting 'The Call' between now and then so I start 2014 free of all the hassle of pump, bag, needles etc, etc. However having just marked my eleventh  month on the transplant list I'm losing hope of it happening this year and have set my sights on the spring as an ideal time. To recover sitting in the sun or strolling around the village admiring all the flowers and tentatively starting to sort my own garden out would be sheer heaven.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

I swore blind I wasn't going to so do a celeb watch this year as with a programme almost every night it is difficult to keep up with. However after one week I'm just can't stop myself from commenting on the greatest puzzle of the year. Why is Joey Essex a celebrity?

The first thing I notice about this pretty boy was his teeth. I don't think I've ever seen a set of veneers so badly done. They are miles too big for his mouth and so white they couldn't possibly be real, as demonstrated by his bottom set, which are distinctly dingy.  The second thing was his lack of brain cells. Yes poor Joey has not been blessed when it comes to the brains department.

This is a man, he's in his twenties, who is unable to tell the time despite sporting a watch the size of a dinner plate, doesn't know what 'submerged' means and was never told how to blow his nose. Really? There is a huge debate going on as to whether he really is that stupid or a remarkably good actor. I personally think it is a bit of both. Lets face it, if he really was as thick as he makes out he'd be in a home somewhere being cared for. If he was that good an actor then he'd be in films or in the theatre and being described as the next Laurence Olivier.  Instead he's made his name in a tacky reality programme, a career that has lead him too, well, another reality programme (though possibly not so tacky).

So in conclusion I do think he is thick but manipulative with it. He knows he is in a competition and so has done all the things needed to keep himself in the limelight. I am pretty sure all the hysterics were so the public would vote him in for each task ensuring maximum air time. This has backfired a bit as, having proved to be rather good at the tasks, the public have decided to vote for someone else in the hope of better entertainment. If he was really clever he'd have played up terribly ensuring he got chosen to do every task.

Enter beauty queen Amy. Personally I do not find her beautiful but I'm assured by several of my male friends she has two definite attractions that are difficult to overlook. Amy and Joey appear to be attracted to each other but again this could be an act in order to gain air time. Amy is another one with teeth and I fear that should the attraction be real and develop into kissing that Medic Bob will need more than a pair of tweezers to prize them apart.

Yes Amy got voted to do the task last night and was worried that the public 'hate' her. Well if you go around making national treasures, and Olympic champions, cry what do you expect? Poor Rebecca, I am amazed that someone with two Olympic medals is so insecure about herself. I hope she trounces the pretty pair and if she doesn't win outright then lasts longer than Amy and Joey as she has more going for her than both of them put together.

Others that I am enjoying watching are Laila, Matthew, what a wimp, Wright and the bloke from Westlife who seems the most normal so far. As for David and Alfonso, please boys, keep your shirts ON!

Right I'd better get started on lunch and then I've got the weekly Tesco run. More tomorrow.