Saturday, 2 February 2013

These Things Are Sent To Try Us

Yesterday turned into a bit of a drama so it is no surprise that I'm feeling a little under the weather today.

It started so well, walked into my Warfarin clinic to find only five people waiting, I was in and out in twenty minutes and heading for Tesco, where it all went spectacularly wrong.

Coming around the roundabout into the Tesco car park my car suddenly started hooting at me and the engine overheat light came on. At the same moment steam started pouring from under the bonnet so Peter pulled up at the nearest parking bay and switched off. We got out and gingerly lifted the bonnet. To our dismay the pipe leading from the water tank to the engine had split and I had dumped several pints of water and anti freeze all over the road. Deciding there was nothing we could do there and then we went off to do our shopping whilst everything cooled down.

Once shopping was done we headed back to the car armed with several bottles of Tesco everyday value water (17p for two litres) and open the bonnet again. Being the genius he is with cars Peter managed to make an emergency repair and we refilled the water tank, keeping a couple of bottles in reserve, and started her up. The repair held and we made it home stopping off to buy a new pipe on the way. Peter is busy fitting it as I'm typing this.

After a quick lunch we then headed out in his car to Milton Keynes as he needed to pick something up from the market to help with the repair and I had a couple of books to return to Waterstones after mistakingly buying two I'd already had. To save time, as Andrew was coming home for the weekend, we split up and agreed to phone each other when our tasks were completed. BIG, BIG mistake. Driving past Hotel Chocolat I saw a display of kirsch cherries in dark chocolate my absolute favourite and just couldn't go past them. Five minutes later with a pot bought I headed for our agreed meeting point and dug in while waiting for Peter to arrive.

I have to say I am an absolute pig with these little round morsels of heaven and found I'd eaten a quarter of the pot without thinking. Now I am hyper-sensitive to alcohol and to my horror I realised I was feeling rather relaxed. Thank goodness Peter arrived before I could demolish anymore other wise I could have been charged with being drunk in charge of a Travelscoot.

Arriving home we found Andrew waiting on the doorstep, he'd forgotten his key and had been loitering for about an hour. He helped us unpack and then I was left alone, in front of the TV, with the cherries. Lets just say I had a very mellow, if slightly queasy, afternoon that won't be repeated anytime soon.

This morning good old PH has reared it's ugly head and chosen to remind me why I'm on the transplant list. Even the few feet from bed to bathroom has me puffing and blowing like a steam engine and I feel totally drained. It could be the result of a busy week and a stress filled day yesterday or it could be the start of yet another infection, this is getting beyond a joke now, or it could just be one of those days. Whichever I just wish it would bugger off and leave me alone, excuse my language. These are the days I pray for the call because I don't know how many more of these 'off' days I can stand. If I'm still bad tomorrow I'll break open my antibiotic supply and book myself in with the doctor on Monday. It'll mean a day off work at least but I doubt I'll be missed, there are so many of us these days.

So it is going to be a day tied to my oxygen and flopped in front of the TV. At least I have the first of the Six Nations rugby tournament to watch so that will be good, however Wales haven't been playing well recently so I fear another disappointment will follow a stressful couple of hours.

One thing I will not be doing is watching Casualty with Andrew. Now he has some medical knowledge he ruins shows like this by pointing out all the bloopers only a medic would spot. This is fine but I wish he'd keep them to himself and let me enjoy the fantasy. Holby City showed a heart transplant recently where the patient was sitting up in bed fuly lucid and chatting away to the surgeon with only a drip in her arm only hours post surgery. I'm not stupid and I know this is not what happens but it is nice to imagine it could, even for an hour.

It has been all go for two of my fellow PH suffers and transplant buddies this week.

Stacie, link to blog is on the listing to the right of this post, has been interview by Daybreak as part of their campaign for more organ donors. I delighted she managed to put a case for us PH suffers and am so looking forward to seeing it. Well done Stacie and a great big thank you for taking time out to help all of us.

Kath, blog also in the listings on the right, is marking 500 days waiting for transplant. It is a sobering thought that during the time Kath has been waiting 1500 people have died due to lack of donors. If you do nothing else today please, please, please sign up to be an organ donor and don't forget to tell your family, as they will be the ones who have the final say.

Well I'm off to prepared for the Rugby, come on Wales, give me something to smile about this weekend, please.