Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Now is the Winter of our Discontent

It has been a pretty dire few days.

Thanks to all who continue to offer support and advice, you are all correct when you say it does help to know you are not alone.

Yesterday I decided to stop wallowing in misery at home and take myself off to wallow at work instead. And just as I'd hoped my work colleagues soon had the smile back on my face. It did help that the antibiotics are doing their job and I am feeling physically much better. There is another reason I'm glad I went in as I had a meeting with Welfare on Tuesday morning.

These little counselling sessions really help and this one arrived at just the right time. I was able to discuss my fears and frustrations without being judged and I was given some very helpful advice on how to deal with certain things that were getting me down. As a result I feel in a lighter mood today. I wouldn't say exactly positive but lighter. I've booked in for a few more at weekly intervals, I think I need the extra support at the moment and as it is on offer I may as well take it, especially as the lady I see is so lovely.

It has been really cold here and we did have a snow flurry or two yesterday afternoon but now it is just cold and windy. Horrible.

I have something to look forward too this weekend, both my boys will be around the dining table this Saturday as Laurence is coming down for a visit. He has two weeks off as he is trying to use up his leave so with a bit of luck I'll see him next weekend as well.

Andrew has passed all his first term exams and seems to be really enjoying this term as there is a lot more in depth stuff to get to grips with. He is learning to read ECG's so when I go to the Brompton in two weeks I'll see if I can get a copy of mine when  I was in AF. He'll have fun interpreting that!

Mercifully my weight remains stable, nothing on but nothing off either and I think this might be a clue to my current breathing problems.

My drug is administered by weight, so the heavier you are the more you get. When I started the drug and until just after Christmas my weight was at least two kilos less, possibly three, so technically I'm getting a smaller dose that I should be. I have contacted my PH center and they say it is a possibility but they will need to check me over to make sure there isn't something else lurking before considering that. There is a reluctance to increase my dose on both sides, me because I really don't want to go through all the sickness again and them because my increased weight might well be temporary. If I lose weight again I could end up getting too much and being very ill indeed. We will discuss this in two weeks and make a decision on whether to take a chance and go with an increase or leave it for another couple of weeks and see how it goes.

Dancing On Ice Watch

I'm afraid to say I have now abandoned this so there will be no further reports.

In the news.

Well, well, well the body in the car park is probably that of Richard III after all. I say probably because we can never be 100% sure.

How thrilling. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for old Richard. Only two years on the throne and a reputation ruined by Tudors who still saw him as a threat long after he was dead and buried. Richard has fascinated me since childhood when I, along with every other child in Britain, was fed the fiction of the two princes in the tower, a rumour which was seemly supported by the discovery of two skeletons found under a staircase. However how the princes died remains an unsolved mystery and so the blame was put squarely onto Richard's shoulders without any evidence to support it above and beyond that he only got the crown because they were to young to rule.

Having been beaten in the battle of Bosworth by Henry VII the Tudors wasted no time in discrediting Richard, aided and abetted by various 'historians' and play-writes, most notably William Shakespeare, who wrote a whole play about how awful Richard was.

Another set of historians paint a different picture of the last medieval king, one that is deemed to be more accurate these days than the character assassination of the Tudor era. Richard was far from being a cripple, he was also a loving uncle and a good husband. It just goes to show, maybe we shouldn't believe everything that history tells us.

Well time for a cuppa and a chill out in front of the TV, one of the benefits of finishing at four instead of six, proper chill out time after work. Next blog Friday.