Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fancy A Curry?

Well the last few days have been a mixed bag to say the least.

I've barely seen Peter as he has had to work late this last few days and we are a bit like ships passing in the night. I managed a quick hello when I got in today and then he was gone. However my new shift patterns mean I am now home every weekend so we still get plenty of time together, yes there are some benefits.

The weather is still causing problems as far as my PH is concerned. I thought that once the snow had gone and milder weather took over things would ease up but now we have wind. Wind, although not as bad as snow, can make breathing quite difficult especially when it rips you oxygen cannula off your face. All I want is a nice mild wind free day with some sunshine thrown in, is that really too much to ask?

My campaign to gain weight seems to have ground to a halt and I'm having trouble putting those last few pounds on, however I haven't lost any weight so far either so that is a good sign. As part of my 'eat more' venture I've invested in some little rice pots you can buy with different flavoured sauces. Today I chose curry and all was going well until I dropped a huge forkful in my lap. Thankfully I managed to miss my crisp, white shirt but my trousers got covered and scrub as I might, with the limited cleaning equipment we have, the stain remained and not only that but I stank. I spent the rest of the day apologising to anyone who came near me and got mostly laughed at. I've only one day left this week so I'm rather reluctant to give my trousers a full wash so I've used a liquid soap and some elbow grease and I think they might just past mustard for tomorrow. Talking of which I might just stick to sandwiches, either that or invest in a bib.

I had a heart stopping moment this morning when I got a missed call on my mobile from a withheld number. I could see my phone flashing at me but I was in the middle of something and couldn't answer it in time. I quickly rang Peter and yes it was Papworth but they just wanted to check when my next Brompton visit was going to be, drat!

Talking of Papworth news came today that my fellow PH sufferer Sita is recovering well from her transplant and is now texting and talking and sitting up. After such a worrying time everyone has heaved a sigh of relief and I for one cannot wait to see her posting again on the PH forum.

Dancing On Ice Watch

Well what can I say? This might well be my very last week of watching. I don't even know who got booted out as we chose to watch a film and I forgot to record the results show. If anyone can enlighten me I'd be very grateful.

On the other hand the Six Nations Rugby starts on Saturday and I cannot wait. I've got my Welsh ruby shirt on standby and will probably scream myself hoarse but I love it.  And please nobody ask me for a prediction of the winner because I'm every so slightly biased.