Saturday, 9 February 2013

Taking On The Big Boys

Well what a surprise! My trip to the doctor's resulted in being told I did not have a chest infection, I don't even have a wheeze so I can only conclude it is down to my PH. I'm sure the Brompton will sort me out, they always do but it is depressing to find I am going downhill again.

Talking about going downhill I've also lost weight. It is only a pound and a half but it is still a loss.

Yesterday's trip to our local Tesco was more exciting than usual.

Diving into the car park in front of us with all light blazing was a police car. As we parked up in one of the disabled bays two officers dashed into the store.

What appeared to be an elderly gent was sitting on a bench inside the store with his back towards us surrounded by security, two PCSO's and two PC's. My first thought was that he'd been assaulted or robbed so imagine my astonishment when they slapped handcuffs on him and started walking him to the police car. We met in the doorway and as he went past he was protesting his innocence rather vigorously and seemed rather the worse for wear.

Peter knows someone who works at the store and fortunately not only was she on duty but also part of the melee. She told us that this 'gentleman' had been wondering around the store having a bit of a picnic. He there decided to walk out without presenting the wrappers of the items he'd eaten for payment. He was challenged and things turned nasty, the staff were busy scouring the store for empty wrappers as when he was stopped he didn't have any on him.

After completing our shopping and failing to spot any discarded wrappings we returned home where Andrew cooked a Bulgarian treat for us. It is called Banitsa and is made up of eggs, feta cheese and filo pastry and although they looked less than appetising they tasted absolutely delicious.

Laurence is coming for lunch today so I'm cooking one of his favourites, a creamy, spicy pasta made up of fresh tomatoes, cream, chilli and salami. It is quite hot but we love it.

I had another shout at my drug delivery company yesterday afternoon.

Last month's delivery they only sent half the quantity that I'd ordered of dressing packs and substituted large gloves instead of my usual medium. I rang and complained and they promised to rectify the gloves for the next delivery and they sent out the remaining dressing packs by recorded delivery. Yesterday my order arrived minus any dressing packs and with large gloves. I can use large gloves but they have a tendency to roll back on themselves and get in the way when doing the more intricate parts of my drug change so they are not the easiest things to wear.

Every month I have to ring up and complain about something they've got wrong so I'd just about got to the end of my tether with them. Let's be real here, this is a company suppling specialised drugs and equipment to seriously ill patients so wouldn't you expect them to get it right? Of course you would, patients shouldn't be put at risk by having the wrong equipment supplied or not delivered at all. So I lost my temper and shouted at the poor woman on the phone. I felt terrible afterwards as I knew exactly how she would be feeling, but after nearly two years of constant cock ups I felt shock treatment was the only way forward. Anyway my missing items and correctly sized gloves arrived this morning. Will next month's delivery be without fault? We can only wait and see but I'm not holding my breathe.

Creamy Tomato Pasta with a Kick (serves 4)

750k of fresh, very ripe tomatoes, skinned de-seeded and chopped.
500g pasta, preferably fusili 

300g of spicy Italian sausage, or Chorizo will do, thinly sliced (this can be left out if you want the veggie version)

Small pot of single cream, approx 300ml
dried crushed chillies
Sprig of fresh rosemary or 1 teaspoon dried. (I recommend the fresh for a better flavour)

In a deep, thick based frying pan melt a small knob of butter and fry the sausage for 3 -5 mins on a high heat until browned. Use a paper towel to remove any excess oil that this might produce (if you don't the cream will curdle). Put water on to boil. Remove sausages from heat while you remove Rosemary leaves from stalk and finely chop them, mix in with the chopped tomatoes and add to frying pan and return to medium heat. Cook until tomatoes start to break down and become mushy, about 6 - 7 mins. Add pasta to boiling water and cook for ten minutes. Turn heat under frying pan to low, add cream, about half to one teaspoon of dried chillies (depending on how hot you want it) and two tablespoons of grated Parmesan, stir well. Cook until pasta is ready and cream has thickened slightly. Drain pasta and returned to saucepan. Pour sauce over pasta and mix well. Serve with extra Parmesan and salad. Garlic bread is not recommended to accompany this dish as the flavour will clash.

Well now I've written it down I'd better go and cook it. I've had to send Andrew out because I forgot a vital ingredient, yep I forgot the cream. Dumbo.