Sunday, 24 February 2013

Organ's For Sale!

Here's a question for you, how desperate would you be before you considered buying an organ for transplant?

I only ask because I am currently reading a book on the subject and it has really got me thinking. The book is called Dead Tomorrow and is by Peter James. The way it is written makes me think he must have someone close who has gone through organ transplant as the emotions he portrays are bang on.

The main story is that of a mother of a fifteen year old girl for whom time is running out but there are three other stories intertwined. One is about a legitimate organ donor and his family. One is about people traffickers, farming street kids for organs, and the last is of a policeman hot on the trail of these people. It is difficult to get into at first as the story leaps around a bit at the beginning and some parts are deeply disturbing but once hook it is extremely thought provoking.

And so I had to ask myself the question, would I, under any circumstances, buy an organ? Well of course for me the answer is no, never, but I haven't been waiting long. Will I still feel the same two or three years down the track, always supposing I make it that far? How would I feel, desperately ill with only weeks or even days to live? I'm pretty sure the answer would still be no. Accepting an organ from someone who has died naturally or in an accident is bad enough. I know I will feel terribly guilty and will always wonder whether my praying for an organ was in anyway instrumental in their death. I feel guilty now as I catch myself sometime wishing that tonight will be the night. Stupid of course, how on earth can me wishing for a new life have any influence on someone dying miles away? And if I'm torturing myself with guilt in normal circumstances how would I feel knowing someone had been murdered just because they happened to be my tissue type? The short answer of course is I wouldn't, I would never be able to enjoy the 'gift' of life knowing the it wasn't a gift, it had been stolen.

Wow, a far too heavy subject for a Sunday don't you think?

Yesterday was brilliant! I watched Wales win sitting next to Laurence while Andrew was busy essay writing and Peter was reading. Then the cake turned out to be magnificent, I am really getting the hang of this baking lark and will be trying out bread sometime this week. Did I tell you I had the week off? I did? Oh, OK I won't mention it again then. We topped the day off with Die Hard 2, you can't beat a bit of Bruce Willis on a Saturday.

Today is going to be slob day and, apart from making lunch, I'm going to spend the majority on the settee watching films. I quite fancy some Lethal Weapon, maybe I should be worried, I don't know where this sudden taste for violence has come from.

In the news it's the Oscars.

I have say I avoid all award ceremonies like the plague, especially the Oscars. I watched it once and that was enough. It was a sickening display of back, patting and rubbish spouting and it could give the Eurovision Song Contest a run for it's money when it comes to political voting. What annoys me most about these sort of things is that I never agree with the result. That normally wouldn't be a problem but then some jumped up critic tries to make me feel stupid and 'out of touch' because of my choices. I even read an article once where the headline was something like 'if you don't like this movie you must be a moron'. I didn't, I'll leave it up to you to judge whether I'm a moron or not. I can't even remember which film it was talking about.

Talking of films I caught part of a Carry On film yesterday while waiting for the rugby to come on. I think it was Carry On Up The Jungle and it made me giggle like a school kid. Terribly un PC, it even had a white man blacked up, but I loved it. There was no violence, no sex and not one swear word and yet it was engaging and funny, they don't make them like that any more, unfortunately.

Well time for a cuppa and a peruse of the papers.