Monday, 25 February 2013

Baby It's Cold Inside

We have a minor crisis on our hands at the moment. The heating has broken down.

We first noticed something a bit awry on Friday (why do these things always happen on a Friday) when some of the radiators were cold while others were hot. Peter reasoned an airlock and spent the best part of the weekend bleeding the system etc. He did have a result of sorts, now all the radiators downstairs are cold and all the ones upstairs are tepid. He gave in this morning and phoned British Gas. Fortunately because of my disabled status, no I don't know how they knew that, I am a priority and a man will be around tomorrow. Not that much of a priority then. So it is thick jumpers, duvets on the settee and disgruntled cats. Strangely the water system is fine and I was able to have a piping hot shower this morning.

Deciding that it is probably going to be warmer in Tesco's we've decided to spend this afternoon out and about getting in our weekly shop and having a rare lunch out. Better than shivering in front out Bargain Hunt and having to stand in a freezing kitchen to prepare it. So far the cold hasn't had much effect on my breathing but I fear it won't be long. I'm already puffing much more when going upstairs and getting changed fairly takes my breath away.

Andrew was quite excited going back to University last night. He finds out about his next placement, which takes place in three weeks time, and there is a good chance it will be around here. Apparently our local ambulance service has become a training service and with so few places in London it is hoped that the new area will be able to ease the pressure. He would love it as it means he can stay at home for the duration. I would love it as I could make sure he ate properly, something he handled quite badly on his last placement, arriving back late after a twelve hour shift meant all he wanted to do was fall into bed. So we all wait eagerly for the news.

In the news you can take your pick over the continuing saga of horse meat, now apparently been found in IKEA meatballs (frankly if you chose to eat IKEA meatballs then you deserve what you get) and the latest political sex scandal. This time it is the Lib Dems that are in the lime light for all the wrong reasons. It has also been discovered that porn and dating sights are the most accessed websites in Whitehall. What this says about our politicians and their lackeys I'll leave to you to decide but it may go someway to explaining why we are in the mess we are in.

As for the horse meat well obviously this has been going on for years and the chances are if you've bought a ready meal, had a burger or had a meal in a school or hospital you've eaten horse. It must be remembered that there are no health risks involved with eating horse, other countries do it all the time without any ill effect. The problem is that we didn't know and were not given a choice. There are two ways you can express your disgust at the way cynical food companies have got away with it for so long. Go vegetarian, not a bad option, veggie food is delicious and isn't just salads. Or you can start buying your meat from a trusted source. Your local farm shop or butcher would be a good start and they will prepare the meat for you too. Personally I am hopeful that this might be the start of a resurgence in local butchers shops, saving money, jobs and communities. Hopefully fishmongers, greengrocers and bakers will follow and we will start to see our high streets emerge again. Now if only we can stop local councils from charging an arm and a leg to access these shops things will be perfect.

And with that thought in mind, I'm off out to warm up and whatever I end up eating it won't be burgers, sausages or anything else I can't identify.