Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Quick Catch Up

There is nothing quite like a good gossip over tea and chocolates and that's how I spent Sunday afternoon. I had such fun and enjoyed the catch up with my best friend so much it was hard to drag myself away. However the need for a drug change and sleep meant I was on my way home sooner than I wanted to be. Never mind we have pencilled in a future date when we are both free so we can do it all again then.

The week on the whole hasn't been too bad over all.

I'm feeling pretty perky which is a nice change and great timing as I'm off to the Brompton on Friday for my regular MOT. And work hasn't been all that strenuous as I begin to settle into the new shifts and get used to the new faces.

This morning, however, was nearly a disaster.

I woke naturally at ten to six and turned my alarm off so I could just doze for ten minutes before getting up. I bet you can guess what is coming next,oh yes you can. My alarm clicks even when turned off so I was pretty confident I'd know when my ten minutes were up. No such luck and when I next looked at the clock it was half past six. I must have had the quickest shower in history and gulped down my breakfast during breaks in putting my make up on. I have no idea how I did it but I arrived at work five minutes earlier than usual.

I am really pleased because finally the solution to a problem I've been mulling over for weeks presented itself yesterday and I can't thank Stacie enough for thinking of it.

I have been trying to think of a way of keeping everyone informed of progress when I finally get the call. I didn't want Peter to be on the phone all the time and of course if there are complications I don't want him bothered by constant questions. Stacie came up with the brilliant idea of setting up a new facebook page to be used as a status update come the great day. So I will be adding this little task to my 'to do' list for next week and will get to it. Expect an invite soon.

Well better go and get something to eat. Next blog may be Friday, if I get back from the Brompton in time but is more likely to be Saturday.

Did I tell you I was on holiday next week, so excited. I'm not going anywhere but it will be nice to be off work without being ill.