Sunday, 17 February 2013

Having a Bit of a Grump

I am in a bit of a grump this morning.

Why? Well to be honest it is because my facebook feed is getting continually clogged up by the new chain post. This post is regarding a woman who supposedly drowned in a sewage drain and if the post isn't passed on at least a trillion times the same fate will occur to anyone who reads it. What a load of total poo that is. Even more alarming is that people whom I previously thought of as intelligent and rational are not only falling for it but are then passing it on to me! It is not true, it is a hoax, you have more chance of winning the lottery than dying because you haven't sent this on so please stop passing it around and just delete it.

My cake making went really well yesterday though I don't like the end result. Yes the cake emerged light and fluffy and with it's filling and icing looks gorgeous but it just doesn't taste very nice. The boys love it but to me it tastes a bit bitter. Oh well, at least it will be eaten.

I am getting a bit excited as in four days time I am on holiday.

I have a lot of leave left over this year for one reason or another, mostly because a leave embargo was enforced during the Olympics, so I decided to book a week off and relax a little. I haven't anything planned and will play things by ear according to the weather. I will be honing my baking skills however and yes, I'm even going to try a steak and ale pie. The stress of the last six weeks or so have caught up with me a bit and I think I need a little bit of me time. I've only booked a week because I'll get bored if it is any longer and I'm stuck in the house because Peter is working or it's raining. A week is just long enough to recharge the batteries.

Andrew is home and not feeling at his best.

Not only does he have a cold, yes I know and I am on germ alert, but his stomach is playing him up again. Andrew has an intolerance to whey. It is OK in small doses but if he eats or drinks things with a high whey content he suffers the consequences. So what did genius do? He bought some protein powder and drank it before reading the side and realising it was practically all whey. Hopefully he's learned his lesson now but somehow I doubt it as when questioned he said he 'just didn't think'.

This afternoon I am off to spend a lovely couple of hours with my best friend Diana. We meet up once a month so catch up on gossip and get progress reports on our children. I'm really looking forward to it and hopefully the weather will remain sunny so I can have a lovely drive in country as part of the treat.

I caught a brief glimpse of 'Let's Dance For Comic Relief' and instantly though 'why'?

Don't get me wrong, Comic Relief does some wonderful things but, and I may offend here, I prefer Children In Need because it helps children in the UK. As a country we give billions in aid every year, money that comes from our taxes. Considering the economic downturn and the increasing number of our own people who cannot afford to eat, keep a roof over their heads or afford decent clothing wouldn't it make sense to sort out our own back yard before messing with someone else's? And then on top off all the aid we give involuntarily we are hounded for months to dip into our ever more shallow pockets and give even more. Why? Why should we do this?

They say that Comic Relief also helps children in the UK and yet all the small films they show are of African children so, and I may be wrong, I don't think it is much. I give to charity and I spend money in charity shops but I always chose to give to charities that will help our own. Selfish? Well I suppose it is in a way but I firmly believe that only when we can say, hand on heart, there is not one hungry, frightened, desperately ill child in the whole of the UK, can we help other countries. Until then I'm afraid Comic Relief will get none of my money, I'm sending my fiver to the NSPCC.

Right off to the kitchen, bangers and mash for lunch. The sausages from my local butcher, I'm not taking any chances.