Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Little On The Cool Side

Welcome to my new look blog. If you were reading yesterday's blog you probably saw a range of different colours, styles and additions being added, changed or removed. I'm sorry if it caused any confusion but it had to be done. My blog was looking a bit dull and dreary and I wanted a fresh, vibrant new feel to it. Those of you for whom English is not a first language will find I've added a translator, which just about covers all the main languages and a few others. There will be a few tweaks over the coming days and weeks but the overall look should stay as it is.

So back to the saga of the central heating. Engineer number three stayed for almost four hours and we have heat upstairs again. There is also heat in two out of five of the downstairs radiators but sadly this does not include the living room or kitchen, only the two rooms we use most. It is now looking like a blockage and there is talk of flushing the system but we have to sit an wait for a few days first as the new pump might well sort it out by itself. So if heat is not restored to all radiators downstairs by Friday, or the heat goes off again, we are to call them and that is what they will have to do. Brilliant!

Well with nothing else lined up for today we are going to spend it out and about. So far is it dry, above freezing and there is even a little bit of sun so we thought we'd grab our chance.

First thing is a visit to an Alfa Romeo dealer in Hemel Hempstead to take a look at the Mito. My car, an Alfa 156, is getting on a bit now and as much as I love it, it is too big for the daily commute. I have to say I've been very lucky with this car as it has never let me down but the worry is that as it gets older there is more likely hood something will and I'll end up stranded on the roadside somewhere. So I'm biting the bullet and starting to look around, after all with the kids gone I don't need a big car anymore, as long as my trike and the shopping can fit in the boot that's all I really need.

Next up a nice relaxing pub lunch to discuss what we've seen and just relax a bit after a stressful couple of days. Then this afternoon we are trawling around the charity shops looking for books and anything else that takes our fancy before heading into the shopping center for a good browse and maybe a treat or two.

In the news, or at least in the newspapers, loads of adverts from supermarkets announcing how they are now sourcing all their meat from British farmers. Not wishing to be funny but isn't this what they should have been doing in the first place? If they had they may not be in the mess they are in right now.

Also in the news a very pleasant chap who told a charity worker that all disabled children should be 'put down' as they were a drain on finances. What is even worse this delightful man, a councillor in Cornwall, was at an equality and diversity event when he made the remark. Collin Brewer has now resigned from his post and apologised stating that he was under stress when he said it. Unfortunately for him we tend to show our true characters when under stress and his is obviously deeply unpleasant.

Well better get my glad rags on and get going. And hopefully I'll return to a slightly warmer house.