Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Come On Baby Light My Fire

It would seem that someone has unsuccessfully tried to hack this blog account. As a result some comments have been deleted on various posts, I am sorry if one of them was yours. I don't think they got as far as changing any of my blogs but if you see something that you think might not come from me please let me know. However rest assured that everything is back to normal now and I've increased my security settings to ensure this doesn't happen again.

So back to yesterday.

It was a very successful trip out and I ate a baked potato for lunch piled high with cheese and butter, I thought there was little chance I'd find any horse in that. Peter bravely went for a chicken pie and declared it delicious. Brave, I thought, brave but foolish but he doesn't seem to have suffered any ill effects.

Last night was an absolute nightmare. I can't remember ever having to wear thermal underwear indoors but I was reduced to it yesterday evening. Peter got an old fan heater down from the loft to try and help out but it was noisy and ineffective and just seemed to blow the cold air around. My breathe actually fogged when I exhaled, that's how cold it was. We ended up going to bed early as it was warmer under the duvet than anywhere else in the house. Unfortunately this did not mean extra sleep, in fact I had a really bad night and I can only think it was because I was so cold.

This morning the heating engineer arrived just past nine and spent a good hour with his head in the airing cupboard muttering. The conclusion was that the pump had gone, something Peter had already guessed himself, and set about changing it. There was a small hiccup when he realised he did not have a vital clip and disappeared for half and hour but it looks as though we will have heating very shortly, hurray!

In the news yet another sex scandal, this time involving the Catholic church and effectively removing any chance of the next Pope being British. Even better for the media the Cardinal involved was friends with Jimmy Savile, the press must think all their birthdays have come at once. Now if they can only like the Lib Dem peer to Savile they will be in seventh heaven.

Also in the news is the re-trial of Vicky Pryce. Vicky is the ex-wife of disgraced MP Chris Hulme. Several years ago when they were still together Vicky agreed to take the blame for a traffic offence committed by her then husband Chris. Her first trial collapsed when the jury failed miserably to understand what was going on or what they were supposed to do. It now emerges that the letter telling them they were selected for jury service was sent out in eight languages besides English. Now I'm all for equality but if you are expected to sit on a jury you should at least have good enough English to know what is going on. Goodness knows how much this farce has cost so far, or how much it will continue to cost. Maybe it is time that we do what other countries do and insist that if you wish to live in England you speak English.

Well time to make my British Gas man another cup of tea. hopefully tomorrow I won't be typing my blog in gloves.